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Hotel bed

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With the hotel bed DEMIRA you create a place to sleep according to your ideas. The bed can be easily combined with other systems and elements - for example a variety of headboards - and is therefore a good choice when it comes to furnishing your guest and hotel rooms.

Large selection of covers To the fabric collection
lying surface 80 - 200 cm x 200 - 210 cm
collection 2022

product description

The bed base consists of a solid wooden frame that was designed for long-term use in the contract sector. The spring core provides the right amount of comfort. As the name makes clear, there are small steel springs inside, which move independently of each other when loaded. Another advantage: air can circulate very well in the gaps, so this bed system also ensures a comfortable sleeping climate. A soft padded fleece mat rounds off the layers.

Expand and configure the bed as you wish. With three bed base heights and three individual foot heights, you can optimally adapt the DEMIRA bed system to existing conditions. In addition, there is a large selection of base models that further steer the look in the direction you have in mind. You can also decide which end the bed should have: Can it be an elegant valance or do you prefer a simple base? Optionally, a removable cover can nestle around the bed box.

We are always happy when guests ask where a special piece of furniture comes from. We like to refer to Symphonic.

Jakob Edinger | Hotel Kranzbach


Technical structure & material

Hotel bed Demira | Structure cross-section with frame
Hotel bed Demira | Structure cross-section with frame und springs
Hotel bed Demira | Structure cross-section with frame, springs and upholstery
Hotel bed Demira | Structure cross-section with frame, springs, upholstery and cover
Hotel bed Demira | Structure cross-section with frame, springs, upholstery, cover and feet

1. Frame

In order for the construction to be durable, the bed frame consists of a mixture of different materials. Load-bearing parts are made of hardwood and softwood, with flat elements made of chipboard.

2. Spring base

A stable spring core substructure is installed under the fine padding. The steel springs are the solid basis for a slightly springy lying feeling and give in under pressure. The spring base is suitable for any sleeping position.

3. Fine padding

A soft padding fleece, which is the last padding layer above the foam, protects the cover above. Overall, the upholstery fleece mat creates an excellently casual overall upholstery, which is particularly comfortable thanks to the slight wave formation.

4. Cover

The bed box can be covered with fabric or white upholstery. Choose from over 600 different colours, materials, patterns and haptics or simply have DEMIRA upholstered in white and then decorate the hotel bed with an additional flounce.

5. Feet

Effectively steer the style of DEMIRA in the direction you want with nine available furniture feet. Decide which shape and look best underlines the overall look: wood, aluminium, metal or stainless steel look. You can also choose between feet in normal height (10cm) or comfort height (13 or 16cm).


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