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Hotel bed

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Undoubtedly, the bed remains a paramount element in any hotel room, playing a pivotal role in crafting the quintessential feel-good ambiance. After days replete with adventures, guests yearn for a sanctuary, a haven of relaxation. The DELILA hotel bed extends this sanctuary, blending style and utmost comfort, beckoning guests into a realm of relaxation and dreams.

Large selection of covers To the fabric collection
depth 200 cm height 34 cm/37 cm/40 cm


product description

Boasting a classically balanced design reminiscent of timeless hotel beds, DELILA promises serenity. Tailor it to your aesthetic aspirations; it offers adaptability with various headboards and base models, ensuring a seamless blend with your interior decor. Our furniture configurator presents a curated collection of fabrics and leathers for the upholstery, encapsulating both the frame and headboard.

Sleeping on DELILA is an experience layered in luxury. The foundation, composed of flexible wooden spring slats, ensures the mattress receives optimal support, cradling guests in unmatched comfort.

The bed's quad-sided upholstery can be intricately personalized, mirroring the uniqueness of your space. With a vast array of headboard designs, from the understated to the ornate quilted or even the lavish diamond motifs, DELILA empowers you to be the maestro of design. And rest assured, whatever your room's dimensions, there's a DELILA that fits - it's available in all standard sizes.

We attach great importance to first-class quality in all areas in order to meet the demands of our guests. That is why we chose Symphonic products.

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Technical structure & material

Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame
Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame and slatted frame
Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame, slatted frame and upholstery
Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame, slatted frame, upholstery and cover
Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame, slatted frame, upholstery, cover and feet

1. Frame

Hardwood, softwood and MFP wood panels are incorporated into the basic construction and add support to the frame. The high-quality materials are extremely robust so that the bed structure can withstand permanent loads.

2. Slatted frame

Under the basic upholstery there is a stable wooden slatted frame. This supports the body perfectly and creates a comfortable lying feeling. Ergonomic lying is important to allow ligaments, muscles, intervertebral discs and vertebrae to rest and relax.

3. Basic padding

The basic frame is harmoniously balanced by the basic upholstery. An upholstery fleece mat, which is quilted directly under the cover fabric, evens out minor unevenness. Overall, this results in a casual overall upholstery, which can be expressed by a slight formation of waves.

4. Cover

The box is surrounded by a cover for an optically stylish overall picture. Choose your desired combination of supple textile leather or finely textured fabrics from over 600 different options.

5. Feet

Stable feet made of aluminium, plastic or wood skilfully round off the overall picture of DELILA. The furniture legs are available in 10, 13 or 16 centimetres. This allows an individual bed height to be selected, which makes it easier to lie down and get up every day.


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