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Extra bed

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This extra bed is super practical: Supplement your guest rooms with all-round comfortable sleeping comfort as needed. With DORATA, you flexibly add a full-fledged sleeping option without having to do without cosiness.

Large selection of covers To the fabric collection
depth 200 cm height 71 cm lying surface 90 x 190 cm height of lying surface 32 cm
space-saving & practical

product description

When you no longer need the bed, it can be turned on its head to save space, secured with the mattress securing straps and pushed into the closet or storage room upright using the included transport castors. It is an ideal solution for you and your guests.

But the cot does not only impress with its excellent functionality, look and structure. It consists of a bed frame with a spring core. On top is a high innerspring mattress, which ensures complete sleeping pleasure. The delicate headboard completes the piece of furniture with a modern touch – it can be omitted if desired. Useful straps and a protective cover complete the cot with sophisticated details as well.

Beds on casters are an ideal choice primarily as extra or secondary beds in hotels, as this type of bed is frequently moved. With casters, flexible transportation and repositioning is quite effortless. Dorata can also be equipped with wooden bed legs. Add sturdy beech or oak legs to your bed or opt for flexible bed casters - depending on the need and desire, the extra bed can be adjusted to different requirements.

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Technical structure & material

extra bed Mobil | structure cross-section of frame
extra bed Mobil | structure cross-section of frame and seat structure
extra bed Mobil | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure and upholstery
extra bed Mobil | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, upholstery and fine upholstery
extra bed Mobil | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover
extra bed Mobil | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, upholstery, fine upholstery, cover, feet and wheels

1. Frame

The base consists of a mixture of different materials. The cross connections and load-bearing parts are made of hardwood and softwood. The division into hard or soft wood is based on the kiln density of the wood. This value depends on the location of the tree and the associated influences that influence the growth of the tree. Flat elements are made of chipboard made of glued wood chips. The panels are made from multi-layered, larger and fine chips that lie parallel to the panel plane. The entire frame construction is based on high-quality materials and guarantees strength and stability.

2. Slatted frame

There is a sturdy wooden slatted frame under the spring base. This supports the body perfectly and creates a pleasant feeling of lying down. Ergonomic lying is important in order to give the ligaments, muscles, intervertebral discs and vertebrae the rest they deserve.

3. Basic upholstery

The basic upholstery is padded with high quality polyether foam. Polyether foam is one of the PUR foams and has good air permeability. Due to its so-called honeycomb structure, the foam type is given dimensional stability and durability. This has a long-lasting effect on quality, which is why the foam is made for upholstered furniture and beds. Due to its elasticity, the material almost suddenly returns to its original shape when the load is removed. The top mattress consists of a spring core with a felt pad as a protective layer. Spring cores are open core systems, which is why the felt pad prevents the upholstery from being damaged by the springs.

4. Fine upholstery

For the fine upholstery, a soft, thermally bonded upholstery fleece mat made of polyester fibers is used. The upholstery fleece is a protective layer that is attached between the cover and the foam and is the last cushion under the cover material. In this way, the lying surface is well padded and unevenness is evened out. In addition, the mat gives the surface a full appearance and improves sitting and lying comfort.

5. Cover

Flat woven fabrics: Characteristic of flat woven fabrics is the unique look in jacquard patterns, which are created by combining different types of yarns and colors.
Woven velor: In woven velor, the loops of the fabric are cut open during the production of the material and dense pile threads are incorporated, which makes the surface of the material feel extra soft.
Flock velours: Flock velours is manufactured in a unique process, whereby the base fabric and pile are connected to one another with a special adhesive technique, making the material very resistant and durable.
Wirbelflies: Wirbelflies is manufactured in a very elaborate manner and impresses with its noble suede look, which is characterized by a soft grip and durability.

6. Feet

As standard, you can choose between three leg variants made of wood or plastic. You can choose between non-slip feet made of wood or flexible castors made of wood or plastic.


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