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Boxspring bed

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The DARETTA box spring bed offers a sanctuary for your guests, making them feel at home even when they're away. After a fulfilling day, sinking into its plush layers provides a heavenly rest. Its contemporary design, punctuated with subtle details, seamlessly blends into any furnishing style.

Large selection of covers To the fabric collection
lying surface 80 - 200 cm x 200 - 210 cm

product description

Its customizable features grant you the flexibility to craft a bed that perfectly aligns with your room's theme. Whether you're leaning towards understated elegance or bold grandeur, pairing the bed frame with the complementary Symphonic headboards opens up a world of possibilities. A plethora of materials and hues are at your disposal. The sturdy wooden base is supported by four legs, which can be tailored to your aesthetic preferences. Choose wooden legs for a touch of earthiness, or venture into aluminum or plastic for a different flair.

You also have the autonomy to determine the bed's height by selecting the leg length. Options include the standard 10-centimeter height, or the elevated comfort heights of 13 and 16 centimeters.

Adding to the bed's allure is the signature box spring base, synonymous with hotel-grade luxury. With the bed box available in multiple standard sizes, you can effortlessly find the ideal fit for your space.

Symphonic has been our supplier of upholstered furniture, chairs and bed systems for years. We were won over by the good advice, an excellent price-performance ratio and, last but not least, the friendly sales. Our guests also notice the excellent quality and workmanship of the furniture and add value to every room. Always on-time delivery, almost unlimited customization options for the well-thought-out hotel furniture make the purchase decision easy. If we can buy something from Symphonic, we don't even ask for an alternative offer - that says it all!

Volker Thum | Bayerischer Wald

Managing Director

Technical structure & material

Hotel bed Daretta | Structure cross-section with frame
Hotel bed Daretta | Structure cross-section with frame and upholstery
Hotel bed Daretta | Structure cross-section with frame, upholstery and fine upholstery
Hotel bed Daretta | Structure cross-section with frame, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover
Hotel bed Daretta | Structure cross-section with frame, upholstery, fine upholstery, cover and feet

1. Frame

Hardwood, softwood and chipboard: All three variants are used for the supporting wooden frame. Hardwood and softwood provide the necessary stability and are used in connecting parts, chipboard is used in panel elements.

2. Basic padding

There is a layer of foam over the base, which provides the necessary basic comfort. The foam cushions softly and slightly elastically and creates a pleasant lying feeling.

3. Fine padding

To ensure that the bed border is particularly comfortable, a soft fleece mat is sewn under the cover for the fine upholstery. Typical for DARETTA is the loose padding, which ensures a light look.

4. Cover

There is a wide range of different furniture covers to choose from. Fabrics and textile leather in muted tones through to fresh color accents - decide what goes well with your hotel room furnishings.

5. Feet

A selection of different foot variants round off the overall DARETTA package. From normal to comfort height and feet in plastic, aluminum or wood - complete the look of your hotel bed with individual furniture legs.


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