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Boxspring beds, hotel beds & accessories

A restful night's sleep in a hotel is vital for the overall satisfaction of your guests. In a hotel setting, the expectations for beds are uniquely high, as attributes like durability, custom design, and superior sleep comfort take on amplified significance. Our top-tier box spring beds and slatted frame beds guarantee unparalleled sleep quality.

Box spring beds provide exceptional comfort, courtesy of their distinct layered structure: the box spring frame, the primary mattress, and a topper. This configuration establishes a double suspension, giving that quintessential box spring sensation. Similarly, our classic beds equipped with slatted frames are no slouch in the comfort department. Their durable slatted frames, crafted from solid beech wood, ensure enduring stability and impeccable support.

When guests experience deep, rejuvenating sleep and awake refreshed during their vacation, they invariably associate those feelings with their accommodations, making them more inclined to return. At the heart of this sleep experience lies the mattress. To craft unique sanctuaries for your guests, we offer a broad spectrum of premium mattresses. These cater to the individualized preferences of your guests, ranging from cold foam to innerspring and from single to double sizes, not forgetting the complementary toppers. Our mattress offerings are impressively diverse, ensuring that your guests always have a comfortable bed awaiting them.

After a demanding day, a hotel room should represent a sanctuary for guests, akin to a second home. While maximum comfort is paramount, a cohesive and appealing design of the hotel beds significantly enhances the overall ambiance. As the bed is often the centerpiece of any hotel room, it should stand out and command attention. Our design options infuse a distinctive charm into every room. The versatile headboards we offer, customizable to reflect your unique style, are the showstoppers in the entire room setting. With a plethora of fabric choices, color schemes, and exclusive quilt patterns ranging from Caro to Buttoned to Diamond, you have the freedom to tailor your hotel beds to perfectly match your vision.