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Boxspring beds, hotel beds & accessories

A good night's sleep in the hotel plays an important role in the well-being of your guests. Hotel beds have to meet exceptionally high demands, because properties such as longevity, individual design and high sleeping comfort are given a completely different meaning in hotels. First-class sleep is guaranteed by our high-quality box spring beds and beds with slatted frames.
Box spring beds ensure a particularly comfortable sleep thanks to their special layer structure of the box spring frame, upper mattress and topper, which creates a double suspension that creates that typical box spring feeling. Even our classic beds with slatted frames lack nothing in terms of comfort - because our hard-wearing slatted frames made of solid beech wood impress with their long-term stability and optimal support.

Anyone who sleeps well and wakes up rested on vacation will have fond memories of their accommodation and will be happy to come back. The mattress is the basis for a deep and restful sleep. So that you can create unique retreats for your guests, we offer you a wide range of high-quality mattresses, which enable an optimal adjustment to the personal needs of your guests. From cold foam to innerspring, from single to double mattresses and matching toppers - our mattresses are particularly diverse and create comfortable beds for your guests.

After a long day, the hotel room should be like a second home for your guests. Not only maximum comfort is crucial for a unique feel-good atmosphere, a harmonious design of the hotel beds also contributes to a pleasant ambience. The bed is the focal point of your hotel room and should attract everyone's attention. We bring a unique character to every room through a maximum design variety. Our generous heads, which can be individually adapted to your style, occupy a central position in the entire room. Different fabrics and colors as well as exclusive quilting from Caro to Buttoned to Diamond - you can easily design your hotel beds according to your own wishes.