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Hotel room furnishing

Contemporary hotel room furnishings involve more than just a bed. A hotel room should be a comfortable haven, providing an experiential space where guests can relax and unwind.
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Tünde Szabó

Communication Team Germany

Restaurant facilities

No restaurant, hotel, or café can operate without appropriate catering furniture, as these furnishings are at the heart of every establishment. Through the design of your venue, you give the establishment its unique character and personality.
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Creative Workzone

Tomorrow's working styles are increasingly centered on collaborative creativity. Trends indicate that communication is the key. A modern office provides flexible structures and spaces for informal meetings and collaborative discussions.
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Cafe & bar equipment

Chairs and bar stools are essential for every catering business! In spaces where people gather, chairs are the most crucial pieces of furniture after the table. They have their place not only at the bar but also in lounge areas and cafés.
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Lounge- & fireplace room

A place of comfort – that's precisely what a lounge should be. In every catering establishment, this room exudes a cozy ambiance where guests enjoy lingering for hours. With the right lounge furniture, you can cultivate an exclusive atmosphere and craft spaces with distinct character.
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Waiting room & auditorium

Whether in an office, medical practice, law firm, or hotel reception, waiting is sometimes inevitable. Reception furniture serves as a company's business card, setting the tone for the first impression upon entry. With comfortable seating and numerous customization options, you can ensure the perfect beginning.
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Lobby & entrance area

Just as with people, the first impression of objects also counts. The lobby provides the initial impression of a building that visitors experience. It's reason enough for hotel operators and interior designers to give special attention to its furnishings.
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