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High quality material for your furniture

Large selection of covers

Discover the world of fabrics

From velour and microfiber to flocked fabrics and flat woven materials – our selection ensures unparalleled design diversity for your hotel and contract furnishings. Few materials are as versatile as upholstery fabric. With top-quality materials available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, your design possibilities are nearly endless. To offer even more design flexibility, we also provide individual processing for your own fabrics.
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Choose from different stain tones

Wood as a passion

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials that nature offers us and, thanks to its pleasant scent, brings a pleasant room climate into any ambience. Our wood classics such as beech or oak differ not only in their appearance, but also in their characteristic properties and processing methods. Which stain you choose depends largely on the area of application and the desired style.
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Upholstery for seating furniture & beds

Foams - universal variety of applications

Whether used for upholstery in seating furniture and beds or as the core of mattresses, foams have a wide range of applications. The material is malleable, point-elastic, and flexible. Yet, each type of foam has its distinct properties. From polyether foam and cold foam to visco foam and comfort foam, we utilize a diverse array of materials in our furniture to cater to specific seating and lying preferences.
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Stylish legs for your furniture

Large variety of designs with varied furniture feet

We understand that no outfit is truly complete without the right shoes! When it comes to furniture, are you thinking of wood, stainless steel, metal, black chrome, aluminum, or plastic? Do you prefer it polished, powder-coated, matte, brushed, or chrome-plated? Our extensive range of materials and finishes ensures maximum design freedom. As for the base, do you envision it round, cubic, cylindrical, on rollers, a plate, or perhaps a star base? You also have a palette of colors to choose from for the legs. Whichever feet you opt for, perfect your unique furniture design with our vast selection.
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Textile leather for furniture

Textile leather, commonly referred to as imitation leather, is gaining significant traction in the contract sector.

The allure of leather remains unparalleled. In public and commercial spaces, functionality and aesthetics hold equal significance for upholstered furniture. Contemporary seating should not only provide exceptional comfort and be low-maintenance, but it should also showcase an authentically convincing leather appearance. Comprising a textile layer with a coated surface that can be smooth, grained, or velour-like, this material is frequently utilized in the furniture industry.
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