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Fabric collection

Nothing defines a piece of furniture quite like the upholstery fabric that envelops it. With our vast array of fabrics, your unique design visions can come to life unfettered. Be it velour, microfiber, flocked fabrics, or flatweaves, our diverse palette of colors and patterns awaits your selection. Tailored to your distinct style, we craft singular pieces of upholstered furniture imbued with personality.
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To ensure you have the utmost freedom in design, you can not only select from our expansive fabric collection but also opt to have your own fabrics and designs individually tailored. Through meticulous curation and top-tier processing, we aim to meet all customer demands. Our offerings encompass varied shades and qualities. Robustness, longevity, and durability are paramount when we choose our fabrics. An integral aspect of the purchasing decision is the tactile and visual appeal of the fabric. Every fabric possesses unique traits in its texture and appearance. With our vast assortment of fabric types, discovering the perfect upholstery fabric for your cherished piece becomes effortless.

Fabric | GBA

100% polyester, 50,000 rubs

Fabric | GCP

100% polyester, 50,000 rubs

Fabric | GDU

100% polyester, 35,000 rubs

Fabric | GFI

100% polyester, 100,000 rubs

Fabric | GFS

100% polyester, 45,000 rubs

Fabric | TAT

100% polyester, 48,000 rubs

Fabric | TCM

100% polyester, 40,000 rubs

Fabric | THO

100% polyester, 100,000 rubs

Fabric | TRA

95% polyester, 5% polyamide, 100,000 abrasion cycles

Fabric | TSE

100% polyester, 38,000 rubs

Fabric | TSV

Knitted polyester velour, 100,000 rubs

Fabric | XBO

90% polyester, 10% polyamides, 41,000 rubs

Flat weave / chenille flat weave

Flat weaves are distinguished by two sets of threads that intersect at right angles. A hallmark of this fabric is its distinct jacquard pattern, achieved by melding various yarn types and colors. In terms of texture, flat woven fabrics epitomize comfort. They range from sleek to highly textured surfaces and are exceptionally warm and soft to the touch. Due to the production technique, these fabrics exhibit color variations under different lighting conditions. A notable variant is the chenille flat weave, which is unique in that it incorporates pile within the fabric. 'Pile' refers to fibers extending from the fabric, bestowing chenille with a tactile and plush appearance.

Woven velour

Woven velour stands out for its resilience and sturdiness. Beyond its commendable resistance and longevity, this fabric is also revered for its pleasing tactile qualities. During its production, fabric loops are sliced open, and dense pile threads are introduced. This process renders the surface of the woven velour exceptionally soft, velvety, and plush. Over time, when one sits on the velour covering, the surface gets compressed, potentially leading to the formation of seating impressions. Despite this, the textile is low-maintenance and with the right care, it can retain its allure for years. Although a range of visual aesthetics is available, its pattern diversity might be somewhat limited compared to other fabric weaves.

Flockvelours / Flockware

Flockvelours is created through a distinct process where the base fabric and pile are unified using a specialized bonding technique. This material boasts impressive resistance against external factors, demonstrating durability, abrasion resistance, and effortless cleaning. Its economical fabric has a warm, woolly, and soft touch. However, due to the fusion of different materials, flock velour can be sensitive to solvents. Apart from this vulnerability, the velour stands as nearly invulnerable and is markedly robust. Similar to woven velour, the fibers in flock velour can also flatten under pressure. What sets flock velvets apart is their vibrant color depth and inviting tactile quality.

Vortex nonwoven / microfiber fabrics

In the production of vortex nonwovens, ultra-fine microfibers are swirled in every direction and compacted onto a base of nonwoven fabric. The surface undergoes sanding and brushing, resulting in a subtle suede appearance. This material boasts a soft texture, durability, ease of care, and resistance to fading. Premium-quality fabrics, such as Alcantara and Samtana, possess incredibly dense fibers, giving them remarkable tear resistance and robustness. While microfiber is generally easy to clean, it can sometimes show darker marks due to shiny spots. In terms of tactile quality, microfiber fabrics are luxuriously soft, velvety, and especially snug.

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