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Nothing distinguishes a piece of furniture more than the upholstery fabric that covers it. There are virtually no limits to your individual design ideas thanks to our diverse range of fabrics. From velour and microfiber to flock fabrics and flatweaves - you choose from a wide range of different colors and patterns. Precisely adapted to your style, we let unique pieces of upholstered furniture with personality emerge.
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To guarantee you even more design freedom, you can not only choose from a wide range of fabrics, but also have your own fabrics and designs processed completely individually. 

Handpicked, high quality processing and an extensive selection - to meet all customer requirements, both different shades and different qualities are processed. When selecting our fabrics, special emphasis is placed on robustness, durability and longevity. An essential factor for the purchase decision is the surface texture of fabrics. Each fabric has individual characteristics in its feel and appearance. With our extensive fabric types, you can easily find the right upholstery fabric for your favorite piece.

Fabric | GBA

100% polyester, 50,000 rubs

Fabric | GCP

100% polyester, 50,000 rubs

Fabric | GDU

100% polyester, 35,000 rubs

Fabric | GFI

100% polyester, 100,000 rubs

Fabric | GFS

100% polyester, 45,000 rubs

Fabric | TAT

100% polyester, 48,000 rubs

Fabric | TCM

100% polyester, 40,000 rubs

Fabric | THO

100% polyester, 100,000 rubs

Fabric | TRA

95% polyester, 5% polyamide, 100,000 abrasion cycles

Fabric | TSE

100% polyester, 38,000 rubs

Fabric | TSV

Knitted polyester velour, 100,000 rubs

Fabric | XBO

90% polyester, 10% polyamides, 41,000 rubs

Flat weave / chenille flat weave

Flat weaves are fabrics in which two groups of threads cross at right angles. Characteristic of this fabric is the unique look in jacquard pattern, which is created by combining different types of yarns and colors. In terms of feel, flat woven fabrics are real feel-good fabrics. The fabric convinces with its range from flat to strongly structured surface and feels particularly warm and soft. Due to the manufacturing method, the fabric shows color differences at different light angles. A special feature is the chenille flat weave, where - unlike other flat weaves - pile is woven into the fabric. Pile refers to fibers that protrude from the fabric, giving chenille a grippy and soft appearance.

Woven velour

Woven velour is a hard-wearing and robust material. In addition to its high resistance and long durability, the fabric is also characterized by its pleasant tactile effect. In the production of the material, the loops of the fabric are cut open and dense pile threads are incorporated, which makes the surface of the woven velour extra soft, velvety and fluffy. When sitting on the velour cover, the surface is pressed flat, which over time can create seat mirrors. The textile is easy to clean and, with proper care, will remain a beautiful fabric for many years to come. Although there are a number of different looks to choose from, the variety of patterns is less compared to other types of fabric weaves.

Flockvelours / Flockware

Flockvelours is manufactured in a unique process, where the base fabric and pile are bonded together using a special bonding technique. The material proves to be very resistant to any influences, is long lasting, abrasion resistant and particularly easy to clean. The inexpensive fabric feels woolly warm and soft. Due to the bonding of the different materials, flock velour is susceptible to solvents. Otherwise, this type of velour is almost indestructible and extremely robust. As with woven velour, a flattening of the fibers can also be observed with flock velour under pressure. Flock velvets are particularly attractive due to their open color depth and pleasant feel.

Vortex nonwoven / microfiber fabrics

In the production of vortex nonwovens, very fine microfibers are swirled in all directions and compacted on a nonwoven base fabric. The surface is then sanded and brushed. This production process creates a fine suede look that is characterized by a soft feel, durability, easy care and lightfastness. The very high-quality, durable and valuable fabrics, such as Alcantara and Samtana, have enormously dense fibers, resulting in exceptional tear resistance and robustness. Although microfiber is easy to clean, darker staining can occur after some time due to shiny spots. Microfiber fabrics also lack nothing in terms of feel. The material is pleasantly soft, velvety and particularly cuddly.

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