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Hotel room furnishings entirely adapted to your guests’ needs and wishes

Contemporary hotel room furnishings require more than just a bed. The hotel room serves as a sanctuary for comfort and is simultaneously a space where guests can relax and disconnect. As a longstanding hotel and property outfitter, we craft individualized hotel ambiances and design unique rooms that reflect the style of your establishment.
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As a long-standing hotel and property outfitter, we create individual hotel ambiance and design unique hotel rooms in the style of your establishment. Whether modern, classic, elegant, minimalist, urban, or alpine – unique hotels require a distinctive character, which is provided through interior design. In addition to the personal customization of hotel furniture to fit your room's atmosphere, the quality furniture is also tailored to room sizes and inviting color and material concepts, ideal for your hotel needs. Modern and with smart features, we furnish hotel rooms with high-quality pieces, ensuring every guest immediately feels welcome.

Flexibility is the key! We don't want to serve up ready-made solutions, but rather work together to develop the right concept for our customers.

Gottfried Lang

Sales Manager Austria

Comfort Beds with Personality

During vacation, guests primarily want to relax and sleep well. That's why, when furnishing your hotel rooms, we place a special emphasis on comfortable beds that guarantee a peaceful and healthy sleep. From a diverse selection of classic hotel beds and box spring variations in different designs, from Caro to Buttoned and on to Diamond, with customizable heights, to equipping the bed with the latest technical features – we implement your visions and collaborate with you to create a space where your hotel guests can feel completely at ease.

In addition to box spring beds, we also offer a wide range of classic slatted frame beds. The foundation of these beds is a durable and stable slatted frame, with outer rails and spring slats made of solid beechwood. This ensures optimal support tailored to the individual needs of your guests, and uncompromising longevity. In design and manufacturing, we place the utmost importance on high comfort, the finest materials, and perfect craftsmanship. After all, the appearance of the bed significantly determines the character and effect of the room.

With bed benches and seating cubes as comfortable storage surfaces in front of the bed or freely positioned in the room, the overall concept of your hotel room furnishings is completed. In this way, we create comforting worlds with unique personalities for your guests.

Mattresses for a Restful Sleep and Comfortable Lying Experience

Through a harmonious combination of mattress, topper, and box spring, optimal comfort is achieved. Whether it's innerspring mattresses, pocketed coil mattresses, or cold foam mattresses – for furnishing your hotel beds, we offer mattresses in various thicknesses, sizes, and of course, in Ökotex quality, to perfectly meet the individual needs of your guests. Thanks to ergonomic cutting techniques, our mattresses adapt optimally to body contours and relieve the shoulder and pelvic areas for a gentle sleep and a refreshed start to the day. The breathable toppers are characterized by unparalleled comfort and refine the body zone adjustment for your guests.

Maximum Flexibility with Sofa Beds

To sit or to lie down? Whatever your hotel guests prefer – with a sofa bed, they remain flexible. Sofa beds wonderfully integrate into the room concept of any hotel room and stylishly complement your existing hotel room furnishings as comfortable transformers. Our sofa beds impress with high-quality cushioning in every sitting and lying position. During the day, your guests can perfectly relax and unwind on them, while at night, they easily transform into additional sleeping options. These adaptable upholstered furnishings provide flexible spots for relaxation and emphasize the overall concept of the hotel room.

Hotel Room Armchairs and Chairs

Take a seat and feel at home. Armchairs and chairs in the hotel room are integral components of your interior and should be tailored to the style of your establishment. A genuine hotel room armchair impresses with quality and a modern language of forms and materials. With fine wood and fabric details, durability, and effortless maintenance, our chairs and armchairs are long-lasting additions to your room decor. Beyond emphasizing a contemporary, welcoming ambiance in the hotel room, these seating pieces provide the perfect spot for your guests to sit comfortably, whether working or dining.

On-time delivery

Custom-made products in a short time

From the planning to delivery

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADA Möbelwerke, SYMPHONIC benefits from decades of experience. Our commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and the use of fine materials ensures the highest standards of quality and design.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers in a way that ensures their guests will want to return. The combination of your ideas with our technical expertise results in unique furniture pieces with character. With our comprehensive service package, we handle all aspects of your furnishings, from planning to delivery. In a remarkably short time, we bring your visions to life, crafting custom-made pieces, producing special orders, and reupholstering with your chosen fabrics. Together, we craft a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests.

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