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Head board

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When an eventful day draws to a close, there is probably nothing nicer than falling into a comfortable bed. A soft headboard is the perfect complement to any bed frame and offers your guests the opportunity to rest their heads and backs gently.

Large selection of covers To the fabric collection
depth 7 cm height 95/125 cm broad 90 cm - 230 cm
collection 2022
Headboard with grey fabric
Headboard with grey fabric
Headboard with grey fabric
Headboard with grey fabric

product description

PRADO is a variable headboard with a modern look with all-round quilting seams and a vertical indentation that serves as an attractive eye-catcher. With a suitably selected upholstery fabric, a harmonious combination is created that enhances your hotel room.

The headboard is available in several sizes and can therefore be adapted to different bed widths. It is also available in heights of 95 centimeters and 125 centimetres. The thickness of about 7 centimeters promises secure stability. Depending on how the room is furnished, you can decide whether to attach the headboard to the bed or to the wall. The casual upholstery all around is also particularly noteworthy. Since the cover runs around the entire headboard, the bed can also be set up free-standing if necessary.

Closeup of Prado headboard in gray fabric

Extraordinary concept meets exceptionally great furniture ...

Sarah Stoiser | Air Base One


Technical structure & material

headboard Prado | Structure cross-section with frame
headboard Prado | Structure cross-section with frame and upholstery
headboard Prado | Structure cross-section with frame, upholstery and fine upholstery
headboard Prado | Structure cross-section with frame, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover

1. Frame

Various wooden materials are combined for the base. The flat base frame is made of softwood combined with chipboard, which ensures solid stability and durability.

2. Basic padding

Elastic, supportive, comfortable, breathable and soft at the same time. How to imagine perfect leaning. The polyether foam that encases the wooden base fulfills all of these quality features.

3. Fine padding

Comfort starts right under the cover. Equipped with a soft padded fleece mat, it envelops the foam for perfect fine tuning. The wave formation is a typical sign of the particularly casual and soft upholstery.

4. Cover

With the selection of the upholstery fabric, you can steer the style of your hotel bed in different directions. Trendy and modern, timeless and classic, calm and grounded: the possibilities are almost inexhaustible, just like our extensive range of different fabrics and textile leather.


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