Head board

A decorative headboard on the bed, against which guests can lean comfortably, is simply part of the perfect hotel room atmosphere. The PIRO headboard harmoniously rounds off almost every bed shape and is given a special touch through individual design accents.
depth: 10cm | height: 90/120cm | broad: 80-220cm
  • 2 different designs
  • Adaptable to different bed sizes
  • Casual upholstery for comfortable leaning back
New model collection 2022
Large selection of covers

Simple, elegant or with delicate details - configure the headboard according to your ideas and ensure a uniform look in no time at all. Choose your preferred aesthetics from two different basic looks: A casual version as well as a more voluminous form with visible seams in three variants are available. You like it detailed? Then complete the headboard with a classic felled seam, a striking piping seam or a delicate pintuck seam.

The PIRO headboard is available in heights of 90 centimeters and 120 centimeters and can be adapted to various bed widths. You can choose to attach the headboard to the wall or to the bed frame. Since all sides are upholstered all around and covered with the desired upholstery fabric, you can also place your beds free-standing without further ado.

Ratscher Landhaus

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Michaela Muster | Ratscher Landhaus
Headboard with brown fabric
Headboard with brown fabric

Technical structure & material

headboard Piro  |Overall structure cross-section with height
  1. Frame
  2. Basic padding
  3. Fine padding
  4. Cover
headboard Piro  |Overall structure cross-section with height
  1. Frame
  2. Basic padding
  3. Fine padding
  4. Cover
1. Frame
headboard Piro | Structure cross-section with frame

Softwood, chipboard and hardboard are used for the particularly stable base plate of the headboard. Used in a way that is typical of the product, this creates a solid base that not only allows wall mounting, but also free placement in the room.

2. Basic padding
headboard Piro | Structure cross-section with frame and upholstery

The basic upholstery above the headboard consists of high-quality polyether foam. The air-permeable foam supports a pleasant room climate and increases comfort when leaning against it.

3. Fine padding
headboard Piro | Structure cross-section with frame, upholstery and fine upholstery

The last layer before the upholstery fabric is padding, also known as non-woven fabric. The flexible material optimally covers angular cut edges and creates a shapely and evenly padded surface.

4. Cover
headboard Piro | Structure cross-section with frame, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover

Do you already have a clear idea of what cover fabric your hotel bed should have? Or do you prefer to be inspired? Browse through our more than 600 different cover materials, starting with the wide range of colors to smooth or non-slip materials.

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Headboard with brown fabric

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