Hotel bed

In hotel rooms, the bed is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture. Guests who sleep relaxed and rested automatically feel good. The DECATO hotel bed is also particularly stylish and causes a stir with the decorative square quilting on the headboard.
lying surface: 80-200cm x 200-210cm
  • Bedding box in 6 different sizes
  • Stable solid wood frame
  • Raised bed sides prevent the mattress from slipping
New model collection 2022
Large selection of covers

The base of the bed consists of a solid wooden frame that can withstand intensive use. The sides of the bed are also slightly raised so that the mattress stays in position and cannot slip. The bed box is available in six different sizes.

A wide range of design variants enable you to create an even more individual design. Optionally, you can also combine the bed frame with other headboards.

Dorfhotel Fasching

There are places where you can clearly feel: I'm fine here. The reason for this is sometimes not immediately apparent, because the love that is often in the details, which was also implemented with the Symphonic company. It is the carefully chosen and the personal, it is small cordialities and special gestures that turn a good place into a wonderful place. Then the honest feeling arises: How nice that you are here, according to the motto arrive and feel good.

Peter & Karola Fasching | Dorfhotel Fasching
Peter & Karola Fasching | Dorfhotel Fasching Owner
Headboard with brown fabric

The cover that surrounds the body and the headboard is variable. Choose a material from modern and hard-wearing fabric and textile leather collections that optimally underlines your furnishing concept. In any case, the simple furniture feet fit harmoniously into the design. Depending on the style, you can complement these in materials such as wood, aluminum or plastic. If you value the greatest possible flexibility, equip the DECATO hotel bed with castors - and you can move or transport the bed.

Technical structure & material

Hotel bed Decato | Structure cross-section overview
  1. Frame
  2. Slatted frame
  3. Feet
  4. Side panels
Hotel bed Decato | Structure cross-section overview
  1. Frame
  2. Slatted frame
  3. Feet
  4. Side panels
1. Frame
Hotel bed Decato | Structure cross-section with frame

For the particularly stable wooden base frame, hardwood and softwood are used for load-bearing parts. Chipboard is used for flat elements. A solid basic basis is created in a manner typical of the product.

2. Slatted frame
Hotel bed Decato | Structure cross-section with frame and seat structure

A slatted frame is used for the bed base. This supports the body during sleep and creates a comfortable lying feeling - the ideal base for the body to get the rest it deserves.

3. Feet
Hotel bed Decato | Structure cross-section with frame, seat structure and feet

Various leg variants with a height of 10cm, 13cm or 16cm emphasize the look of DECATO: black furniture legs or models made of wood, aluminum or stainless steel look - adapt the legs to your overall concept.

4. Side panels
Hotel bed Decato | Structure cross-section with frame, seat structure, feet and sidewalls

To ensure that the bed border is particularly comfortable, a soft fleece mat is sewn under the cover for the fine upholstery of the side parts. Typical for DARETTA is the loose padding, which ensures a light look. There is a wide range of different furniture covers to choose from. Fabrics and textile leather in muted tones through to fresh color accents - decide what goes well with your hotel room furnishings.

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