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Hotel bed

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The DUO hotel bed is a versatile all-rounder for your hotel and guest rooms. As a compact sleeping option, it fits seamlessly into most spaces, effortlessly adding extra lounging area to your room. Additionally, this bed offers expansion possibilities: it can transform into a double bed when required.

Large selection of covers To the fabric collection
broad 91 cm depth 201 cm lying surface 170 x 190 cm lying surface height 44 cm
collection 2023/24

product description

Beneath the primary sleeping area is a drawer feature with an integrated mattress. When pulled out, this instantly turns the single hotel bed into spacious sleeping quarters for two. If the pull-out mattress feature is not in use, this drawer can serve as practical storage for blankets and pillows. Choose between a full-length or a shortened drawer. The latter provides space for adding a bedside table, should you wish to.

Clean lines define the DUO's aesthetic, making it a perfect match for a wide range of interior décor styles. Customize DUO to reflect your preferences: select from a broad collection of premium fabrics and faux leathers for the bed’s upholstery.

Enhance your hotel room's comfort and utility with the DUO's multifunctional features. With its additional storage drawer, DUO conveniently houses pillows, blankets, or other beddings. Need extra sleeping space for guests? The integrated pull-out bed makes room for an additional mattress. Extending the drawer transforms it into an additional bed in mere moments.

The perfect hotel outfitter! The furniture in a hotel should be the perfect harmony between design, comfort, functionality and durability. Symphonic furniture brings these ideals with them!

Michaela Muster | Ratscher Landhaus

Technical structure & material

Hotel bed Duo | Cross-section structure of frame
Hotel bed Duo | Cross-section structure of frame and slatted frame
Hotel bed Duo | Cross-section structure of frame, slatted frame and upholstery
Hotel bed Duo | Cross-section structure of frame, slatted frame, upholstery and fine upholstery
Hotel bed Duo | Cross-section structure of frame, slatted frame, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover
Hotel bed Duo | Cross-section structure of frame, slatted frame, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover

1. Frame

Selected materials are used in the construction: hardwood and softwood in combination with plywood and chipboard. This selection of wood materials is responsible for the longevity and robustness of the base frame.

2. Slatted frame

There is a stable and robust wooden slatted frame on the base. This supports the body at night and creates an ergonomic lying feeling so that intervertebral discs and muscles get the rest they deserve.

3. Basic padding

The basic padding is a polyether foam layer over the slatted frame. This has good air permeability, dimensional stability and durability. The PUR foam protects the grating underneath and enhances the elastic lying feeling.

4. Fine padding

The upholstery fleece mat is the last cushion under the cover fabric. The entire all-round surface is well padded, unevenness is evened out and the edges of the surface are rounded off.

5. Cover

Our upholstery fabrics are particularly hard-wearing fabrics. They can be made of flat weave, microfiber, flocked fabric or a mixture. Choose your favorite fabric from over 600 cover materials.

6. Feet

The normal height of the feet is 3 centimeters. Plastic glide feet are added to the hotel bed as standard. The type of foot is gentle on the floor and therefore suitable for any floor covering.


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