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Upholstered armchair

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No interior is truly complete without the right seating options. Whether it's a lobby, a restaurant, or a bar, comfortably furnished spaces significantly enhance the overall ambiance of the room.

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collecetion 2023/24

The BENIUS upholstered armchair embodies a sense of serene tranquility. Its design is intentionally minimalist, ensuring versatile adaptability to various styles. A comfortable seat and backrest, paired with elevated armrests, offer guests a haven where they can effortlessly relax for extended periods. Crafted from high-quality cold foam, the upholstery contours gently to the body's shape. Specifically tailored for commercial environments, the foundational upholstery is standardly flame-retardant.

Accentuating the chair's elegance are the wooden legs, available in classic beech and optionally in rich oak, reinforcing both aesthetic appeal and stability. Premium cover materials meticulously envelop the armchair, bestowing upon it a unique character. Personalize BENIUS to align with your aesthetic preferences by choosing the ideal textile shade from our expansive collection of fabrics and faux leathers.

The diversity in leg designs complements the armchair's overall aesthetic. With a seat elevation of 46cm, ample leg space is guaranteed. The pronounced height of the armrests further simplifies the act of sitting and standing. Opt between the natural charm of beech or oak legs, and synchronize the wooden hue with your existing decor using our extensive assortment of stains.

Technical structure & material

upholstered armchair Benius | Structure cross-section of frame
upholstered armchair Benius | Structure cross-section of frame and seat structure
upholstered armchair Benius | Structure cross-section of frame, seat structure and backrest
upholstered armchair Benius | Structure cross-section of frame, seat structure and upholstery
upholstered armchair Benius | Structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery and fine upholstery
upholstered armchair Benius | Structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover

1. Frame

Wood forms the robust basis of the armchair: All load-bearing parts are made of stable hardwood and softwood supplemented by plywood and thus keep the basic shape of the piece of furniture in shape.
As part of the base frame, the furniture legs of the upholstered armchair are made of wood. Optionally made of beech or oak wood and in different stain tones, they complete the harmonious appearance of BENIUS.

2. Seat structure

Above the solid wooden frame you will find the covering with the belt suspension in the seat. Specially tailored to the needs when sitting, these give way elastically without the body sinking in too far.

3. Back padding

Like the seat, the backrest is upholstered with British Standard flame-retardant cold foam. The fire-certified cold foam outperforms other types of foam in terms of its adaptability and durability.

4. Basic padding

BENIUS is equipped with a highly elastic British Standard cold foam as standard, which meets national and international fire standards. Due to its weight and strength, the comfort foam not only guarantees a high load-bearing capacity, but also a long service life.

5. Fine padding

Finely upholstered, the soft upholstery fleece mat snuggles up airy under your desired cover. The wave formation typical of the model is a sign of the casual upholstery and is typical of the product.

6. Cover

Natural shades go just as well with BENIUS as bright colors. Browse through our varied selection of upholstery fabrics and find the best furniture cover for your upholstered armchair.


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