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Shape the overall look of your rooms with a nice eye-catcher like the BELLAMO wingback chair. The popular classic in a modern design creates a cosy flair in your fireplace room, the lobby or also in a set with a stool and club sofa in lounge areas. No matter the room concept you are striving to achieve, the armchair will work excellently in a variety of furnishing styles. Thanks to the relatively light weight, you can just as easily place the piece of furniture in a different place.
depth: 92cm | height: 105cm | seatheight: 45cm | seatdepth: 51cm | armrest height: 62cm
  • high quality craftsmanship
  • uniquely comfortable sitting feeling
  • noble eye-catcher
conical feet round or square
Large selection of covers

When fine design meets high-quality craftsmanship, as is the case here, you can rest assured that every little detail was given attention: from the elegant pleating to the visible piping seam, which attractively borders the curves. A characteristic button stitching of course is a must, just as maximum seating comfort, which is achieved by a pleasant positioning ratio of the seat to backrest. The angled backrest also provides a uniquely comfortable seating feeling.  

Configure the fauteuil, sofa or stool to match your furnishing style. Finely textured fabrics in numerous colours leave plenty of room for individual design. In addition, the conical wooden feet can be selected in a square or round design. 


We have valued Symphonic for many years. As an excellent partner, Symphonic has already accompanied us on many building projects and has given us significant support in the development of the house. We were particularly impressed by the individuality and professionalism combined with the highest quality standards right from the start.

Christina Kasberger | Reischlhof Assistent of the General Management

With a timelessly beautiful armchair, pure elegance moves into your rooms. The noble, deep button stitching on the high and rounded backrest is a real eye-catcher. The arm parts at a comfortable height and provided with soft padding invite you to lean back comfortably. Wing chairs are particularly popular because of their so-called padded "ears" at head height, which create a place of retreat on four legs and convey a feeling of security.

Beech is a wood that is made for furniture construction. Beech wood feet impress with their exceptional stability, strength and durability. The look is also impressive: whether rustic or modern, beech wood with its reddish-brown color and uniform grain fits into almost any hotel and property ambience. Oak is considered robust, strong and reliable and is still a modern classic thanks to its fine light and dark shades. Whether feet in beech or oak wood - the wing chair is given a unique character with wooden feet.

Technical structure & material

Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section overview with sizes
  1. Frame
  2. Seat structure
  3. Back padding
  4. Seat upholstery
  5. Fine upholstery
  6. Cover
  7. Feet
Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section overview with sizes
  1. Frame
  2. Seat structure
  3. Back padding
  4. Seat upholstery
  5. Fine upholstery
  6. Cover
  7. Feet
1. Frame
Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section with frame

The base consists of a mixture of different materials. The cross connections and load-bearing parts are made of hardwood and softwood. The division into hard or soft wood is based on the kiln density of the wood. This value depends on the location of the tree and the associated influences that influence the growth of the tree. Flat elements are made of plywood panels, which are a robust wood-based material made of at least 3 veneers glued together. The frame construction is based on high-quality materials and guarantees strength and stability.

2. Seat structure
Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section with frame and seat structure

Nosag springs or steel wave springs are used for the seat suspension. The springs consist of a surface-refined, hardened spring steel wire. They ensure good cushioning of the upholstery and are stretched onto the frame of the upholstered furniture. The advantage of the wave base is its durability and dimensional stability. The springs give in slightly under pressure without sinking in too much.

3. Back padding
Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section with frame, seat structure and backrest

High-quality polyether foam with hard fiber strips is used to upholster the backrest. Polyether foam is one of the PUR foams and has good air permeability. Its dimensional stability and durability have a long-lasting effect on quality, which is why the foam is made for seating furniture. Due to its elasticity, the material almost suddenly returns to its original shape when the load is removed. In addition, elastic upholstery straps are stretched over the frame to ensure soft seating comfort. The back is upholstered in real, which means that the back part of the backrest is also papered with the cover material.

4. Seat upholstery
Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section with frame, seat structure and upholstery

The seat is padded with high quality cold foam with a medium firmness. Cold foam has irregular pores, is point-elastic and contributes to a pleasant sitting climate thanks to its breathability and first-class air circulation. The armchair can optionally be equipped with cold foam with a fixed degree of hardness or with flame-retardant basic upholstery. Flame-retardant foam is chemically processed during production, which is used to build a fire residence.

5. Fine upholstery
Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section with frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery and fine upholstery

For the fine upholstery, a soft, thermally bonded upholstery fleece mat made of polyester fibers is used. The upholstery fleece is a protective layer that is attached between the cover and the foam and is the last cushion under the cover material. In this way, the seat is well padded and unevenness is evened out. In addition, the mat gives the seat a full appearance and improves seating comfort.

6. Cover

From flat woven fabrics, woven velours, flocked goods to swirl fleece - you can choose from over 600 different fabrics, colors, patterns and haptics. The ottoman can optionally be covered with synthetic leather. In order to guarantee maximum design variety, it is also possible to process your own individual customer fabrics.

Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section with frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover

Flat woven fabrics: Characteristic of flat woven fabrics is the unique look in jacquard patterns, which are created by combining different types of yarns and colors.
Woven velor: In woven velor, the loops of the fabric are cut open during the production of the material and dense pile threads are incorporated, which makes the surface of the material feel extra soft.
Flock velours: Flock velours is manufactured in a unique process, whereby the base fabric and pile are connected to one another with a special adhesive technique, making the material very resistant and durable.
Wirbelflies: Wirbelflies is manufactured in a very elaborate manner and impresses with its noble suede look, which is characterized by a soft grip and durability.

7. Feet
Bellamo lobby furniture | Structure Cross-section with frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery, fine upholstery, cover and feet

The height of the feet can be chosen between 16cm or 20cm. The feet are made of solid and extremely hard-wearing beech wood, which is characterized by its high durability and stability. Optionally, the feet can be made with sturdy oak. Oak wood has a particularly high load-bearing capacity and extreme strength. The two types of wood are particularly suitable for load-bearing parts due to their hardness, density and structure.

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