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Inspiration: the right equipment for the lobby & entrance area

Just as with people, the first impression of objects is crucial. The lobby serves as the initial introduction to a building for visitors. This provides a compelling reason for hotel operators and interior designers to place particular emphasis on the décor and furnishings in this space.
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Furniture for your lobby: more than just a welcome

When the entrance area impresses with a captivating room design, top-tier furniture, and functionality, it marks a successful beginning. With our versatile design options, you can customize our stools, couches, lobby, and club furniture to fit your specific needs and the dimensions of your space.

We were completely satisfied with the quality, the handling and the delivery. Customer requests were met and the requirements were implemented smoothly and cleanly. Thank you for the good work.

Michael Zimmerhofer | Schwarzenstein Luttach

Seating furniture for reception areas

Undoubtedly, the lobby stands out as a centerpiece and ranks among the most crucial spaces within a property. Its primary role revolves around reception: a hub where visitors check in and out. Here, guests can also request services such as taxis, food orders, or directions. Furthermore, the lobby often serves as a communal meeting point, inviting guests to relax and mingle. For moments of waiting or brief pauses, comfortable seating becomes imperative, transforming the lobby into the property's "living room." Ranging from elegant chairs and classic benches to expansive lounging areas, chic wingback chairs, or complete lounge sets, our extensive seating collection allows you to swiftly craft a tailored reception area that resonates with your property's ambiance.

Custom-made club chair and living area in elegant gray with red cushions in a crowfoot pattern | Fireplace room in Hotel Rosenalp

Furnishing public spaces with quality furniture

Public spaces call for a diverse range of seating options to accommodate varying durations of stay and guest preferences. Ensuring that the furniture aligns with the stringent demands of commercial settings is paramount. In addition to meticulous material selection, our seating furniture adheres to essential European fire protection standards mandated for hotel and restaurant furnishings. Moreover, we provide flame-retardant textiles like upholstery and foam materials, significantly mitigating fire hazards associated with furniture and expressly designed for application in shared areas.

Contract furniture needs to withstand the rigors of daily use while offering comfort. That's why our lobby and club furniture is crafted using resilient, high-quality materials that can endure continuous wear and tear. The longevity is rigorously assessed through internal audits, ensuring that seating arrangements, as well as lobby and club furniture, deliver enduring comfort over the long term.

Customizable seating furniture: flexible and personalized

Looking to create a WOW effect for your guests from the moment they step in? Explore our extensive range of products, including upholstered benches, sofa setups, as well as lobby and club furniture, and customize them to align with your property's style and your guests' preferences. Whether it's subtle tweaks to the furniture's appearance or crafting bespoke pieces, we offer product configurations tailored to your desires. Harmoniously aligned with your property's corporate design and color palette, a cohesive ambiance is established upon arrival, ensuring guests feel at ease from the very start. From contemporary to rustic, from exclusive to resort-style designs, our customizable options in design, material, color, and shape allow us to curate creations that perfectly match your vision.

On-time delivery

Custom-made products in a short time

From the planning to delivery

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADA Möbelwerke, SYMPHONIC benefits from decades of experience. Our commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and the use of fine materials ensures the highest standards of quality and design.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers in a way that ensures their guests will want to return. The combination of your ideas with our technical expertise results in unique furniture pieces with character. With our comprehensive service package, we handle all aspects of your furnishings, from planning to delivery. In a remarkably short time, we bring your visions to life, crafting custom-made pieces, producing special orders, and reupholstering with your chosen fabrics. Together, we craft a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests.

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