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Elevate the experience of well-being: the IMORE lounger captivates with its sleek, contemporary design, fitting seamlessly into any hotel or commercial setting. Whether nestled in the serene ambiance of a wellness space or offering a comfortable respite in your hotel lobby, the IMORE provides an inviting haven for your guests.

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product description

The IMORE lounger embodies chic relaxation with its opulent forms and fluid lines, devoid of any sharp edges. Its design is consciously minimalist, contributing to the lounger's unique allure. Opting for a block look, the design foregoes armrests, ensuring ample room for stretching. With its reclined backrest and plush cushions, the lounger beckons guests to lean back and unwind. Its broad silhouette, complemented by almost imperceptible feet, further defines its aesthetic.

Position the relaxation couch either as a singular seating and lying option or as a tranquil retreat for your guests. Available in two different widths, you can tailor the chaise longue to suit your space's dimensions.

The lavish padding guarantees an escape from the daily hustle and bustle: the combined use of steel wave springs, polyether foam, and an extra layer of cold foam ensures unparalleled softness.

Whether you prefer vibrant, contrasting hues or more understated tones, the right upholstery can steer the IMORE lounger's look to perfectly match your vision. Use our furniture configurator to effortlessly craft your ideal model.

We attach great importance to first-class quality in all areas in order to meet the demands of our guests. That is why we chose Symphonic products.

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Technical structure & material

lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame and seat structure
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure and backrest
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure and upholstery
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery and fine upholstery
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover

1. Frame

Wood forms the robust basis of the lounger: all supporting parts made of hard and soft wood are supplemented by stable chipboard and plywood panels and thus keep the basic shape of the piece of furniture in shape.

2. Spring base

A spring base with high-quality steel wave springs brings elasticity to the seating system. The so-called NOSAG springs are made of hardened steel and are therefore extremely dimensionally stable.

3. Back padding

High-quality polyether foam in the backrest ensures that you can lean back comfortably at all times. Elastic, supportive and soft at the same time, the material absorbs body movements.

4. Basic padding

Polyether foam has proven its worth on the surface for enjoyable sitting and lying down. It yields comfortably under pressure and is extremely dimensionally stable at the same time. In addition, air can circulate unhindered through the fine pores of the material, creating a comfortable seating climate.

5. Fine padding

An additional layer of upholstery fleece is inserted between the cover and the basic upholstery, which ensures that the entire seat equipment is perfectly fine-tuned. This creates a casual upholstery overall, which is characterized by high comfort and model-specific waves.

6. Cover

Textile leather or fabric - whichever look you have in mind for your new wellness lounger, ILLURE can make it come true. Furniture covers in different materials, haptics and colors make it possible to choose according to your wishes.


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