Well-being at the highest level: the IMORE lounger impresses with its modern, linear design and blends harmoniously into any hotel or commercial environment. Whether in the middle of the quiet atmosphere of the wellness area or as a comfortable seat in your hotel lobby - place the premium piece of furniture Imore for your guests to relax and enjoy.
depth: 202cm | height: 96cm | seat height: 46cm
  • High-quality upholstery with cold foam padding
  • Different widths possible
  • Modern look and sloping backrest
New model collection 2022
Large selection of covers

Lush shapes and flowing lines without any hard edges - the IMORE lounger is all about stylish relaxation. The design was deliberately reduced to the essentials. This is exactly what makes the special charm of the relaxation lounger. With the desired block look, armrests have been dispensed with, so there is enough space to stretch out. The sloping backrest and the soft cushions are ready to lean on and cuddle up. In addition, the appearance is influenced by the wide body and the barely visible feet.

Rosenalp Oberstaufen

We attach great importance to first-class quality in all areas in order to meet the demands of our guests. That is why we chose Symphonic products.

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Place the relaxation sofa individually as a place to sit and lie down or as an oasis of calm for your guests. With two different widths, you can adapt the chaise longue to the space you have available. The voluminous upholstery makes switching off from everyday life very easy: the construction with steel wave springs, polyether foam and an additional cold foam pad results in an extremely soft experience.

Colorful and rich in contrast or tasteful color nuances - the right cover material directs the look of the IMORE lounger even more in the direction you want. In our furniture configurator you can easily put together your favorite model.

Technical structure & material

lounger Imore | Structure cross-section overview
  1. Frame
  2. Spring base
  3. Back padding
  4. Basic padding
  5. Fine padding
  6. Cover
lounger Imore | Structure cross-section overview
  1. Frame
  2. Spring base
  3. Back padding
  4. Basic padding
  5. Fine padding
  6. Cover
1. Frame
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame

Wood forms the robust basis of the lounger: all supporting parts made of hard and soft wood are supplemented by stable chipboard and plywood panels and thus keep the basic shape of the piece of furniture in shape.

2. Spring base
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame and seat structure

A spring base with high-quality steel wave springs brings elasticity to the seating system. The so-called NOSAG springs are made of hardened steel and are therefore extremely dimensionally stable.

3. Back padding
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure and backrest

High-quality polyether foam in the backrest ensures that you can lean back comfortably at all times. Elastic, supportive and soft at the same time, the material absorbs body movements.

4. Basic padding
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure and upholstery

Polyether foam has proven its worth on the surface for enjoyable sitting and lying down. It yields comfortably under pressure and is extremely dimensionally stable at the same time. In addition, air can circulate unhindered through the fine pores of the material, creating a comfortable seating climate.

5. Fine padding
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery and fine upholstery

An additional layer of upholstery fleece is inserted between the cover and the basic upholstery, which ensures that the entire seat equipment is perfectly fine-tuned. This creates a casual upholstery overall, which is characterized by high comfort and model-specific waves.

6. Cover
lounger  Imore | structure cross-section of frame, seat structure, backrest, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover

Textile leather or fabric - whichever look you have in mind for your new wellness lounger, ILLURE can make it come true. Furniture covers in different materials, haptics and colors make it possible to choose according to your wishes.

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