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wellness lounger

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Whether it's indulging in a captivating novel, succumbing to introspective moments, or drifting into a blissful nap, the IVORA wellness lounger promises an unparalleled reprieve for your guests. No matter its placement, this plush furnishing beckons guests, guaranteeing cherished moments of joy and relaxation.

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product description

Boasting understated lines, its design is both timeless and irresistibly welcoming. The lounger's distinct airy aura stems from its elevated feet, giving it a floating impression. Assured comfort comes from the meticulously crafted upholstery that seamlessly conforms to one's physique. Catering to your unique taste, this contemporary furnishing offers immense customization. From fabric to hues, mold the lounger to resonate with your vision. If you desire, enhancements such as decorative button stitchings can elevate its allure. An optional adjustable backrest is available, allowing guests to seamlessly transition between various seating and reclining positions.

Embrace your distinct taste with a lounger tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer the simplicity of an unadorned design or the elegance of a finely quilted double-row button stitching, IVORA epitomizes versatility. With its refined aesthetic, it seamlessly integrates into any hotel or commercial ambiance. The endlessly adjustable backrest ensures each guest discovers their ideal lounging position, amplifying comfort.

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Volker Thum | Bayerischer Wald

Managing Director

Technical structure & material

Chaise longue Ivora | Structure Cross-section of frame
Chaise longue Ivora | Structure Cross-section of frame and spring base
Chaise longue Ivora | Structure Cross-section of frame, spring base and upholstery
Chaise longue Ivora | Structure Cross-section of frame, spring base, upholstery and fine upholstery
Chaise longue Ivora | Structure Cross-section of frame, spring base, upholstery, fine upholstery and cover
Chaise longue Ivora | Structure Cross-section of frame, spring base, upholstery, fine upholstery, cover and feet

1. Frame

We chose hardwood mixed with plywood panels as the raw material for the IVORA base. The two wood materials create a dimensionally stable and resilient base frame. The entire frame construction thus guarantees high stability and robustness.

2. Seat structure

Flexible and comfortable in many layers, the basic spring base is the basic requirement for constant seating comfort. Flexible when sitting down and yet stable in shape over many years, steel wave springs (NOSAG) have the necessary properties.

3. Basic padding

The core padding consists of polyether foam. The material is characterized by a honeycomb structure, which gives the material above-average resilience and dimensional stability. Optionally, the lounger can be made with cold foam with a medium degree of hardness or a flame-retardant basic upholstery.

4. Fine padding

Finely upholstered, the soft upholstery fleece mat snuggles up to your body contours under your desired cover. The model-typical waves are a sign of the casual upholstery.

5. Cover

A strong color as an eye-catcher in your ambience? Not your style? Then perhaps you would prefer a piece of furniture in natural tones. Whatever you choose, our extensive selection of fabrics and textile leather gives you creative scope for realizing your own ideas.

6. Feet

IVORA is carried on 16 centimeter slim furniture feet. You make the choice whether chrome, a stainless steel look or rather the black base variant best suits your lounger.