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wellness lounger

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The ICARON wellness lounger ensures relaxation. Whether used as a stylish extension to the VISION living landscape or as a standalone retreat for your guests, this modern relax lounger is versatile in its application.

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product description

With its smooth contours and top-tier design, this sofa stands out. A robust base guarantees enduring stability, and the plush lounger surface, accompanied by the supportive backrest and armrests, promises a delightful lounging and seating experience. For an added touch of comfort, consider the optional flexible relax and kidney pillows.

Tailor the wellness lounger to fit your room's concept with ease. Choose from three distinct sizes, or for a spacious seating solution, merge two relax sofas to form a large double lounger. Numerous cover options and a selection of foot models further expand your customization choices. Personalize the ICARON by selecting your preferred fabric, colour, and feet, encapsulating your unique style flawlessly.

Close cooperation in the team and with our customers is the basis of every project.

Philip Jandrisits

General Manager

Technical structure & material

Recamiere Icaron | Structure Cross-section of frame
Recamiere Icaron | Structure Cross-section of the frame, upholstery, fine upholstery and suspension of the backrest
Recamiere Icaron | Structure Cross-section of frame and upholstery
Recamiere Icaron | Structure Cross-section of frame and backrest
Recamiere Icaron | Structure Cross-section of frame, upholstery, fine upholstery and backrest
Recamiere Icaron | Structure Cross-section of frame, upholstery, fine upholstery, backrest and cover
Recamiere Icaron | Structure Cross-section of frame, upholstery, fine upholstery, backrest, cover and feet

1. Frame

We know wood as a reliable natural product. It is precisely this durability that we draw on for the base. Softwood and hardwood are used for load-bearing parts and connecting elements. Wood-based materials such as chipboard complement the body.

2. Backrest

Beneath the backrest upholstery, stretchable upholstery straps are stretched over the wooden frame. They are elastic and give slightly when you lean against them, while at the same time ensuring a comfortable posture for your back.

3. Basic padding

Do you prefer softer polyether foam in the seat? Then choose the standard version. If this seating comfort is too soft for you, you can choose between medium-firm cold foam or a flame-retardant basic upholstery.

4. Back padding

Polyether foam is ideal for the backrest. It yields flexibly under pressure, then returns to its original shape and offers a finely ventilated seating climate thanks to its open pores.

5. Fine padding

The soft padded fleece mat adapts snugly to the contours of the body when you sit down. Typical of ICARON is the casual look, which is reflected in the slightly rippling of the cover.

6. Cover

Make your ideas come true: flat weave, woven velour, flocked fabric or swirl fleece – among a large selection of over 600 fabrics, materials and colors, you are guaranteed to find the right one for you. You are free to choose from our wide range of fabrics and textile leathers.

7. Feet

By default, the height of the feet is 10 centimeters. You choose the design: furniture feet made of beech or oak wood, classic chrome, elegant black or a simple stainless steel base – your choice has a decisive influence on the style of your lounger.


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