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Relaxbeds, recamieres & chaiselongues

In the wellness area, tranquility and relaxation harmoniously converge, offering complete respite for both body and mind. Whether it's the relaxation room, sauna, or SPA area, our plush wellness loungers transform every space into a true haven of well-being for your guests. Tailored to unique aesthetics, our loungers can seamlessly complement any ambiance.

Designed for unrivaled comfort, our sumptuously upholstered loungers elevate the experience in your hotel's wellness oasis, the relaxation spaces of bathrooms, or simply any room designed for unwinding. Amidst the serene backdrop, guests can nestle into these loungers to rest, daydream, and immerse in luxury. Our commitment to top-tier quality is evident in the especially soft padding and premium cover materials used. The fluid lines, gracefully contoured armrests, and a spectrum of designs — ranging from modern and classic to elegant — encapsulate the essence of our wellness loungers.

Understanding the distinct character of wellness hotels, we offer bespoke design solutions to impeccably align with hotel specifications, spatial dimensions, and aesthetic preferences. The selection of colors and materials for the loungers is undertaken with a keen eye, ensuring a harmonious ensemble that resonates with the overall setting. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, we sculpt sublime retreats where your guests can rejuvenate and disconnect from the hustle of daily life. The infusion of cozy warmth and inviting ambiance meets and exceeds the high expectations of your guests, providing the ideal space to relax and recharge.