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VENDI stools blend style with functionality, making them an ideal choice for offices and workspace environments. One of the standout features of this inventive furniture piece is its extensive design range. From Y-shaped and square to straight designs, with options for pointed or rounded corners, the variety ensures that you have ample freedom in customization. Whether you aim to foster productivity or establish contemporary meeting setups with upholstered furniture, VENDI stools are your go-to.

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product description

Quick to arrange, these stools effortlessly create conducive spaces for discussions, impromptu meetings, or brainstorming sessions. Additionally, they offer ample storage utility.

The positioning flexibility of these stools is a major plus – they look splendid whether grouped or standing alone. For added versatility, there are also individual round stools which are easy to move, owing to their lightweight design.

Customize your seating arrangement to best fit your room's dimensions and aesthetic. Mix and match various colors and upholstery choices, adding unique design flares to your interiors.

In search of comfy seating for your office and creative spaces? Look no further than VENDI. Be it round or square single stools, straight double-seaters, or even unique square or Y-shaped designs, VENDI's design spectrum is vast. Additionally, with options for distinct square and eye-catching designs, such as apical and rounded corners, VENDI offers maximum flexibility for your interior setup, allowing for both free-standing and modular configurations.

detail view of example compilation for stool Vendi | Stool landscape in different colors for office or creative zones

Symphonic furniture with its timeless, elegant design is the perfect choice for our hotel. We appreciate the high quality and functionality as well as the sound and courageous advice of the Symphonic employees. The varied pieces of furniture contribute significantly to a special feel-good atmosphere in our house!

Alfred & Franz Pierer | Almwellness Hotel Pierer

Managing Director

Technical structure & material

1. Frame

Both wood and wood-based materials are used to create a stable substructure. The body of the stool is made of hard and soft wood as well as chipboard and plywood, making it rigid and robust. This combination ensures stability and durability over many years.

2. Seat padding

At VENDI, polyether foam is used in the seat. The foam combines adaptability, support and good ventilation - for an all-round feeling of well-being.

3. Fine padding

Flattering and slightly fluffy - there are enough advantages for the padded fleece mat that speak for their use. We know that, which is why we installed polyester fleece padding as fine padding.

4. Cover

Our interior design is increasingly characterized by individuality. We also want to match the furniture to our style. You can create personal looks with our huge selection of over 600 different upholstery fabrics and textile leathers.

5. Feet

In order not to steal the show from the stool, black glider feet with a height of only 3 centimeters are used and discreetly integrated. The furniture feet ensure a firm stand and are gentle on the floor.


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