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Inspiration: cafe & bar equipment

Chairs and bar stools are essential for every catering business! In spaces where people gather, chairs are paramount, second only to tables. They are not just found at the bar but also grace lounge areas and cafés.
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Upholstered chairs for restaurants, bars, and hotels

Restaurateurs understand that the seating they provide is more significant than it might initially seem. It's thanks to bar stools and upholstered chairs that your guests can comfortably settle at the counter or table, fully enjoying their experience. Whether it's for a quick coffee break or an aperitif with friends, the right chairs make a difference. With the appropriate furniture for your bar or café, savoring a fine wine, a refreshing post-work beer, or a celebratory cocktail becomes even more pleasurable. Those seeking a particularly cozy atmosphere will likely gravitate towards the lounge area of the establishment. Whether you're looking for a stylish bar stool, a classic upholstered chair, or contemporary lounge furniture, SYMPHONIC offers a vast selection of seating solutions to enhance your ambiance.

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Armchairs & bar stools: aesthetic, comfortable, and robust

In the catering industry, chairs must meet elevated standards in both stability and design. For a cohesive atmosphere, it's essential that the furniture seamlessly integrates with the existing interior, gracefully complementing the overall theme. Beyond aesthetics, durability and longevity are paramount for seating. Whether it's the base, upholstery, or covers, our furniture is crafted from the highest quality materials, ensuring robustness and durability.


Simultaneously, comfort is paramount. A well-designed and comfortable seat enhances your guests' experience, allowing them to enjoy hours of socializing. The epitome of seating comfort is when the spine is alleviated and the body can fully relax. Factors such as seat depth relative to seat height and the angle of the backrest are pivotal. Our chairs can be optimally tailored to fit the human body in terms of width, depth, height, and seating angle, ensuring not just comfort but also peak moments of well-being.

Chairs tailored to your taste: diverse design options

Designing for the hospitality industry involves more than just placing furniture in a room. The interior delivers a concept, resonates with your target audience, narrates stories, and evokes emotions. The range of chair styles is as varied as their intended uses. Whether you prefer simplicity, sophistication, minimalism, or vibrant colors, we offer customizable solutions that seamlessly integrate into your space. With us, you can customize your furniture to your specifications. Whether you desire bases of metal or wood, designs with or without backrests, or various upholstery options, you have the freedom to mix and match materials, colors, and sizes to bring your vision and room concept to life.

Custom-made club chair with gray velvet cover | Hotel lobby with red wall and lighting in Hotel Rosenalp
Upholstered bench Minor custom-made in gray with green button stitching | Wing chair Alison in gray with green button stitching | Lobby area in the Hotel Waldruhe Kartisch
On-time delivery

Custom-made products in a short time

From the planning to delivery

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADA Möbelwerke, SYMPHONIC benefits from decades of experience. Our commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and the use of fine materials ensures the highest standards of quality and design.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers in a way that ensures their guests will want to return. The combination of your ideas with our technical expertise results in unique furniture pieces with character. With our comprehensive service package, we handle all aspects of your furnishings, from planning to delivery. In a remarkably short time, we bring your visions to life, crafting custom-made pieces, producing special orders, and reupholstering with your chosen fabrics. Together, we craft a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests.

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