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Interiour of
Mjus Resort 4* Superior Hotel

The ideal place to get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? The Mjus Resort, the 4* superior hotel in Körmend. Renovated rooms and lobby areas furnished with cosy furniture radiate modern cosiness here.


Modern cosiness: The ideal place to take a break from hectic everyday life is the Mjus Resort, the 4* Superior Hotel in Körmend. For the wellness hotel, Symphonic by ADA was allowed to renovate rooms and suites as well as equip the reception and lobby area with new furniture. The individual style with a mix of custom-made furniture in exciting colours and natural materials pleases guests and hotel owners alike.

Best sleep guaranteed

Sleep in, relax and unwind in the wellness oasis. The rooms and suites in the Mjus Resort invite you to maximum cosiness and provide enough space to relax. The hotel beds offer unique sleeping comfort: Consisting of a stable wooden base and a cold foam mattress with Visco foam inlay, the sleeping surface provides guests with soft comfort and a perfectly adapted lying feeling.

A sparkling play of colours, clear designs, a sense for beautiful fabrics and an extra portion of attention to detail. The rooms are a prime example of interior design with strong colour tones: from yellow to beige to earthy tones are mixed with accessories in red and blue as well as natural wood components - and all this in exciting textures and designs. In this way, it is possible to make the individually designed rooms appear cosy and fresh.

Sofa and armchair for maximum relaxation hours

Seats such as the Italian-style Lomesto sofa and the Otega armchair are the perfect place to relax. And those who linger longer will simply feel at home here. Precisely adapted to the room furnishings, corner sofa Lomesto is a stylish addition to spacious rooms. Clear lines in combination with the low seat height and loose back cushions create an inviting atmosphere. And the highlight? The soft upholstery fabric in trendy yellow.

To match the relaxed ambience, we complemented the room furnishings with the Otega chair. The simple design language with rounded edges and x-shaped furniture both create an inviting impression. The seating pleasure is not neglected either: a high-quality upholstery made of polyether foam invites you to linger in comfort.

Lobby and lounge furniture in the waiting area

Special upholstered chairs and benches can be found by guests in the reception area of the Mjus Resort. With the Bondo armchair, the Witold wing chair, Billare club furniture and custom-made special benches, a skilful mix of cosy waiting areas was created in the lobby. Harmonious with the overall image of the hotel, all the furniture pieces here also radiate in harmonious colours and create a sense of space that is characterised by a natural casualness.

Witold wing chair and Vertigo upholstered chair in different colors in the lobby of Hotel Mjus

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