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From foam to furniture

To ensure optimal comfort when sitting or sleeping, selecting the right upholstery quality is paramount. Whether used for upholstered living spaces and beds or as the core of mattresses, foams provide a multitude of applications.
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Foam is soft, durable, resilient, yet each type of foam has its unique properties. Whether it's the flexible polyether foam, high-quality cold foam, consistently elastic visco foam, or the classic comfort foam, our wide selection of materials can cater to specific requirements perfectly.

The quality of foam is gauged by its density and compressive strength. Foams are delivered in blocks and undergo extensive testing, after which they are categorized into quality classes based on these two factors. The greater the density at a given hardness, the more robust and elastic the foam. Consequently, the material is also less prone to wear and tear. Compressive hardness indicates the foam's resistance to compression deformation. It measures the force necessary to compress the foam by 25%, 40%, or 60% of its original height. These values can range from exceptionally soft to medium and then to firm. A low value signifies softness, and as the compressive hardness increases, the foam becomes firmer.

Most of our foams are processed using a cutting program. Residual pieces from the foam cutting are repurposed as pillow fillings or sold for recycling in the foam press. By utilizing raw and auxiliary materials, particularly polyol and TDI, and dosing them in a mixing chamber based on specific ratios, we can meticulously oversee the formulation. This ensures consistently high quality. Once the foam has cured, the blocks are expertly transformed into premium furniture.

Polyether foam

Often referred to as PUR foam, polyether foam encompasses a range of deformable foams. It stands out due to its load-bearing capacity, air permeability, dimensional stability, elasticity, and long-lasting nature. The versatility of polyether foam extends its applications far and wide. Beyond its numerous beneficial properties, its durability makes it a top choice for high-traffic areas and furniture. Its open-celled structure and resultant lightweight nature make polyether foam especially ideal for crafting premium foam mattresses. The foam counters the accumulation of heat and moisture, ensuring a conducive microclimate for a restful sleep.


Cold foam

Cold foam is produced in blocks through a foaming process and then solidifies at low temperatures. Its manufacturing method is akin to that of polyether foam, but the material composition sets them apart. A defining distinction between memory foam and polyether foam is the former's larger, irregular pores, which facilitate enhanced airflow and moisture regulation. Cold foam boasts exceptional point elasticity, meaning it yields precisely where the body exerts pressure. Once the pressure is removed, the foam swiftly reverts to its original form. By adeptly accommodating body movements and offering optimal support during sleep, cold foam has become a preferred material for crafting high-end mattresses and toppers.

Visco foam

Visco foam is a perpetually elastic material that responds to warmth, seamlessly molding to the contours of the body. This foam is commonly dubbed "memory foam" due to its ability to "remember" the pressure applied to it. When a person changes their sitting or lying position, the foam gradually reverts to its initial shape. The combination of its high density and distinctive memory effect positions visco foam as an excellent base material for mattresses, toppers, and seating. Supple in nature, visco foams distribute body weight uniformly, ensuring the joints and spine align naturally and receive optimal relief during sleep. Owing to its superior hygienic properties, this foam stands out as an optimal choice, especially for those with allergies.

Flame retardant comfort foam (British Standard BS foam)

Comprising highly elastic cold foam, flame-retardant comfort foam is solidified using heat. Given the foam's weight and strength, it promises not only robust load-bearing capabilities but also longevity. Our flame-retardant comfort foam adheres to rigorous national and international fire safety standards. This foam is ideally suited for premium seat and backrest upholstery in the contract and hotel industries. When compared to cold foam, comfort foam boasts superior breathability. This makes comfort foam mattresses especially fitting for lighter individuals who favor a gentle, plush feel. Moreover, for those who tend to perspire during the night, a comfort foam mattress emerges as an apt choice.

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