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From foam to furniture

In order to achieve maximum seating and sleeping comfort, the choice of upholstery quality is crucial. Whether as upholstery for living areas and beds or as mattress cores - foams offer many possible applications.
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Foam is soft, hard-wearing, insensitive and yet each type of foam has very special properties. Flexible polyether foam, high-quality cold foam, permanently elastic visco foam or classic comfort foam - with our diverse selection of different materials, we can cover individual requirements perfectly.

The quality of the foam is determined based on the density and compressive strength. Foams are supplied in blocks, extensively tested and divided into quality classes based on the two factors. The higher the density with the same hardness, the higher the strength and elasticity. Accordingly, the material is also less sensitive to signs of wear. Compression hardness indicates the degree of strength and resistance to compression deformation. It measures how much force is required to compress foam by 25, 40 or 60% of its original height. The values range from particularly soft to medium to firm. A low value means soft and becomes firmer with increasing compression hardness.

Most of our foams are machined using a cutting program. Leftovers from the foam cut are used as pillow stuffing or sold for recycling in the foam press. Through the use of raw and auxiliary materials, especially polyol and TDI, which are dosed in a mixing chamber according to defined ratios, we are able to monitor the recipe precisely and ensure consistently high quality. After the foam has matured, the blocks are carefully processed into high-quality furniture.

polyether foam

The term PUR foam, or polyether foam, summarizes deformable foams. They impress with their load-bearing capacity, air permeability, dimensional stability, elasticity and durability. Polyether foam offers a universal variety of applications. Polyether foam is not only used for heavily used areas and furniture because of its many positive properties, but also because of its longevity. Thanks to the open-pored cell structure and the resulting low weight, polyether foam is also particularly suitable for the production of high-quality foam mattresses. The foam prevents the build-up of heat and moisture, creating a pleasant microclimate for restful sleep.


cold foam

Cold foam is foamed in blocks and then hardened at low temperatures. The manufacturing process is similar to that of polyether foam and differs mainly in the composition of the material. The key differences between memory foam and polyether foam is that memory foam has larger, more irregular pores that allow for superior airflow and moisture management. Cold foam promises excellent point elasticity. This means that the foam gives way in exactly those places where the body sinks. The foam returns to its original shape immediately after the pressure is released. Cold foam gently absorbs body movements, optimally supports the body during sleep and is therefore the first choice for the production of high-quality mattresses and toppers.

Visco foam

Visco foam is a permanently elastic foam that reacts to heat and adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. The type of foam is also called "memory foam" because the material "remembers" the load. Because after changing the sitting or lying position, the material returns to its original shape with a time delay. Its high density and the special memory effect make visco foam the ideal starting material for mattresses, toppers and seats. Visco foams are supple and evenly balance the entire body weight. As a result, the joints and spine are brought into their natural position during sleep and optimally relieved. Thanks to the particularly high hygiene properties of the foam, the material is the best choice, especially for allergy sufferers.

Flame retardant comfort foam (British Standard BS foam)

Flame-retardant comfort foam consists of highly elastic cold foam and is hardened with heat. Due to the weight and strength of the foam, the material not only guarantees a high load-bearing capacity, but also a long service life. Our flame retardant comfort foam is subject to strict national and international fire standards. This type of foam is particularly suitable for first-class seating and backrest upholstery qualities for seating furniture in the contract and hotel sectors. Compared to cold foam, comfort foam is more breathable. Comfort foam mattresses are especially suitable for lighter people who prefer a soft feeling when lying down. In any case, a comfort foam mattress is the right option, especially for people who tend to sweat at night.

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