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Sleeper sofa

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SIMENTO is a sofa with room for a change of perspective. From small to large: Thanks to a clever extension system, the compact couch quickly enlarges into a full-fledged sleeping space for up to two people. There are six armrest options and four different sizes to choose from.

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hight 95 cm depth 95 / 196 cm seat hight 45 cm seat depth 55 cm
collection 2023/24

product description

From relaxing to sleeping: A sofa with room for changing perspectives.

Flexible solutions in hotels are more in demand today than ever before. Living, relaxing, life – everything is rethought and examined from various angles. Especially in the contract sector, where on the one hand there is limited space and every inch wants to be used sensibly, flexible pieces of furniture that make even a few square meters look large are the best choice. 

Everyone equipping guest rooms or vacation apartments knows how adaptable temporary living spaces must be. A cozy retreat for comfy hours? Not a problem for SIMENTO. A comfortable sleeping space? That's also not the slightest challenge for this two-seater sofa. The SIMENTO sofa bed is all at once: a place of relaxation, an attractive seating option, and a lounging area. 

Stretch out on the sofa! 

A casual look and cozy when guests make themselves comfortable... for sitting, relaxing, reading, and dreaming. This multitasker can exceed its own limits. From small to big: thanks to its clever extension system, the compact sofa quickly transforms into a full-fledged sleeping place for up to two people. Here again, everything is about flexibility. If only one additional sleeping space is needed, just one side can be converted into a sleeping area upon request, while the other side remains a seat. 

Taste has many facets. And SIMENTO has them too, especially thanks to its generous selection of variations. Whether it's an airy holiday apartment or a modest guest room – with four different sizes, a flexible and everyday design tailored to your needs is possible. 

Design the sofa slimly by choosing from the six available arm sections for a narrow, elegant finish. Or make it opulent and lush, with soft pillows and a bulging arm section. Various fabric options and colors are available. Customize SIMENTO in your individual way and give your interior a distinctive design stamp.


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