One piece of furniture, many possibilities - multifunctional loungers and sofa beds are practical, space-saving and also have a lot to offer visually. Whether cozy 2-seater or 3-seater loungers, comfortable wellness or relaxation loungers, elegant chaise longues or useful sofa beds - depending on the style and space available, we offer the perfect combination of seating and sleeping furniture, tailored to your individual hotel and property requirements. Our comfortable sofa beds have a double benefit for your guests: during the day they offer comfortable seating, at night they offer a cozy place to sleep. With the practically invisible bed function, our sofa beds can be easily converted into a full double bed in just a few simple steps.

Our loungers and sofa beds exude a pleasant lightness, are still maximally comfortable and convince in every sitting and lying position. The upholstered furniture is extremely popular because of its versatility: whether as an additional bed for children and guests, as a wellness, sauna or SPA bed to relax, as a daybed for reading and relaxing or as a full bed in smaller rooms - thanks to its compactness and comfort Loungers and sofa beds can be used flexibly and provide absolute comfort spots for your guests.

Our loungers and sofa beds are prime examples of the perfect combination of functionality and design. You don't have to do without a stylish design with these all-rounders. Whether minimalist, elegant, luxurious or timeless style - everything is possible with our wide range of types. Maximum design options - from a large selection of fabrics and leathers to various armrests and leg designs through to special combinations - enable perfect adaptation to your hotel ambience.