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Tasteful upholstered furniture, such as the LASCO living landscape, are a cosy enrichment to almost any space. Configure the sofa according to your own design concept, inserting it harmoniously into the existing premises. 
depth: 110cm | height: 80/66cm | seat: 68/87cm with height: 40cm
  • removable cover possible
  • Possibility for 2 more beds
  • Seat widths in standard bed sizes
new model collection 2022
Large selection of covers

It receives guests in entryways, hotel lobbies or waiting rooms in an inviting and comfortable way. The living landscape with a refined bed feature also adds maximum seating comfort and an additional sleeping option to your hotel rooms. Depending on the implementation, the bed feature can be added in to ways: The sleeping area is easily created with a custom-fitted stool – or you add an element with an integrated sleeping function, where the backrest is folded down. Both variants create a sleeping option in any case in a full fledged standard bed size.

Configure the LASCO in our furniture configurator as a generously sized corner couch or as a practical individual sofa. In addition to a variety of selection options for the cover, two different looks are also available for visible seams: a piping seam and a fell seam. To allow for a particularly easy handling in everyday life, the cover can optionally be separately removed. 

detail view of armrest with blue fabric from seat set Lasco

Our sofas can be configured as differently and individually as each person is. Expressive seams are handcrafted details and a sign of high quality. The distinctive piped seam, which is ironed flat as a quilted fold and represents a special delicacy, is considered decorative and eye-catching. Do you prefer a simpler and more delicate variant? Then the fell seam, a double seam in which the protruding seams are stitched with narrow edges, is the ideal choice.

In seconds, Couch Lasco with the comfortable bed function can be converted into a cozy place to sleep in just a few simple steps. The moveable backrests are folded back and create a spacious bed. Alternatively, custom-fit stools can be attached directly to the living area to create space for additional guests.

detail view of blue fabrics of seat set Lasco

Technical structure & material

Sectional Lasco | Structure Cross-section overview with sizes
  1. Frame
  2. Basic padding
  3. Back padding
  4. Fine padding
  5. Cover
  6. Feet
Sectional Lasco | Structure Cross-section overview with sizes
  1. Frame
  2. Basic padding
  3. Back padding
  4. Fine padding
  5. Cover
  6. Feet
1. Frame
Sectional Lasco | Structure Cross-section of frame

The robust base frame forms the basis for LASCO. In order to ensure long-term stability, hardwood and softwood parts are used for load-bearing parts and cross-connections. Flat elements are reinforced with glued chipboard.

2. Basic padding
Sectional Lasco | Structure Cross-section of frame and upholstery

Polyether foam has proven its worth in the seat upholstery for relaxed seating pleasure. It yields to pressure and is dimensionally stable at the same time. In addition, air can circulate through the fine pores of the material without any problems, creating a comfortable seating climate.

3. Back padding
Sectional Lasco | Structure Cross-section of frame and backrest

High-quality polyether foam with hard fiber strips is used to upholster the backrest. In addition to good air permeability, the foam also has high dimensional stability and durability.

4. Fine padding
Sectional Lasco | Structure Cross-section of frame, upholstery, fine upholstery and  backrest

The soft upholstery fleece mat under the cover ensures well-balanced seating comfort. The material is durable and dimensionally stable and has very good ventilation properties.

5. Cover
Sectional Lasco | Structure Cross-section of frame, upholstery, fine upholstery, backrest and cover

Do you prefer elegant textile leather or do you prefer finely textured fabric? Choose your personal favorite from a generous range of over 600 upholstery fabrics, materials and colours.

6. Feet
Sectional Lasco | Structure Cross-section of frame, upholstery, fine upholstery, backrest, cover and feet

The 4.5 centimeter high gliders made of wood or plastic add the finishing touch to the living area. The floor-friendly furniture legs are suitable for any floor covering and are hardly visible on the piece of furniture.

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Corner arrangement of the seat set Lasco covered with grey fabric and wooden feet | front view

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