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Individual living landscapes provide that certain something in your room furnishings: Whether comfortable two or three-seater sofas, spacious living areas, wide chaise longues or tailor-made seating - depending on the space and position, we offer the perfect seating solution, tailored to the needs of your guests. Our sofas become the focal point of your furnishings in every room and attract everyone's attention with a design that is tailored to your style. In the hotel room as a comfortable relaxation oasis, at the reception or lobby as a comfortable waiting area or at the bar as a cozy place to relax - our living spaces blend harmoniously into any hotel and property ambience.

Our living landscapes are characterized by diversity and a wealth of variants. Cleverly thought out with a large selection of functions, fixed or freely combinable elements and maximum design options - our extensive variety of types and design options range from different fabric and leather designs, classic or modern looks, to bright colors or subtle tones, from elaborate patterns to simple elegance and thus ensure contemporary hotel and property furnishings, entirely according to your personal preferences. What all of our sofas have in common is a refined interplay of smart functionality, exclusive design and pleasant seating comfort.

Living landscapes are an area of ​​well-being, represent a retreat for body and soul and are places where your guests can develop to the maximum. In addition to a selection of different models, legs, materials, fillings, seat qualities and colors, you can improve your sofa arrangement with different functions. Whether with a sleeping function, storage space, chaise longue, adjustable arm and neck rests, variable seat depths or backrests - you make your living space something very special for your guests.