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VILLO, a contemporary stool, serves as a versatile piece in offices or productivity spaces. Its compact design allows it to function as seating, a shelf, or a movable side table. When arranged in a chic grouping, VILLO becomes the hub for quick meetings; standing alone, it acts as a statement piece within your space.

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collection 2023/24
Round stool Villo with brown fabric and green piping
Round stool Villo with brown fabric and green piping
Round stool Villo with green fabric
Round stool Villo with green fabric
Round stool Villo with brown fabric and green piping
Round stool Villo with brown fabric and green piping
Round stool Villo with green fabric
Round stool Villo with green fabric

product description

The VILLO stool can also be introduced to waiting rooms or entrance spaces as an elegant, adaptable seating option. Given its lightweight, repositioning it based on needs is hassle-free.

VILLO promises a unique seating experience, combining impeccable craftsmanship with a contemporary design. Its conical shape stands out, while the plush padding ensures comfort.

Customize the VILLO to your taste. Select from two seat heights and six sizes, and finalize the color and fabric of the cover to harmonize with your design theme or existing decor. VILLO's cutting-edge design and tapered shape make it suitable for any office environment, providing a dynamic alternative to traditional chairs.

Its design, an inverted cone shape with a round seat that narrows towards the bottom, promotes active sitting, offering users flexibility and movement. With the option of six sizes and two seat heights, the timeless VILLO pouf can be tailored precisely to your requirements.

Round stool Villo with green fabric

It makes me happy to create something together that puts a smile on our customers' faces.

Gabriella Sipos

Communication Team Austria

Technical structure & material

Round stool Villo | Structure frame
stool Villlo | Structure cross-section frame with upholstery
pouf Villo | Structure cross-section frame with upholstery and fine upholstery
Pouf Villo | Structure cross-section frame with upholstery, fine upholstery and cover
pouf Villo | Structure Cross-section frame with upholstery, fine upholstery, cover and feet

1. Frame

Of course, seating furniture does not only consist of comfortable upholstery. A durable basis is created with the supporting substructure. Hardwood is used for strength and stability, flat components are made of plywood panels.

2. Seat padding

In the standard version, the seat contains polyether foam, which is characterized by its long-lasting dimensional stability and elasticity. Due to its air-permeable property, the material also creates a pleasant seating climate.

3. Fine padding

The soft upholstery fleece mat is installed as fine upholstery and thus has a number of advantages: it feels soft when you sit down and also nestles up to the respective figure. In addition, the mat has a protective effect on the cover above it.

4. Cover

You are free: Individually selectable fabric and textile leather covers, a large range of colors and various patterns offer you the greatest possible freedom of design in the design of your stool.

5. Feet

Standard height of 3 centimeters or would you prefer a comfortable 5 centimeter height? Close to the ground, VILLO's feet are inconspicuous and almost invisible. Visually, the legs in black almost seem to merge with the ground.


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