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Enhance your bedding systems with ALEDO, a soft mattress topper available in cold foam, memory foam, or aqua memory foam options. The mattress overlay is known for its gentle comfort and responsiveness to heat. The height of ALEDO is 5 or 8 centimeters.

sleeping surface 80 - 140 cm x 190/200 cm heigth 7 cm/ 10 cm
collection 2023/24

product description

Soft & embracing: Mattress topper with exceptional pressure relief 

Provide your guests with a perfectly adjusted sleeping sensation and enhance your bed systems with ALEDO, a soft topper available in cold foam, visco foam, or aqua visco foam. The mattress topper is characterized by its plush comfort, coupled with excellent point elasticity.

Cold foam offers numerous advantages, making it an excellent choice for equipping your hotel and guest beds. The soft material gently conforms to the body's contour, and it also possesses high heat insulation capabilities. The point elasticity ensures the body lies ergonomically. Heavier areas, such as the hips or shoulders, sink deeper than lighter sections, ensuring the spine remains in its natural shape regardless of the sleeping position. Even with constant use, its elasticity is preserved for many years. Additionally, air can pleasantly circulate within the foam's open pores. Continuous oxygen exchange ensures effective moisture transport, resulting in a fresh sleeping environment.

Visco foam responds to heat and possesses the ability to perfectly mold and store emitted body warmth, enabling especially serene and deep relaxation. The foam material also offers exceptional pressure relief. Every body part rests in accordance with its needs due to precise molding. The weightless feeling of sleep and the warm ambiance are particularly beneficial for muscle tension and discomfort.

In addition, the topper effectively protects the mattress from contaminants and dust. A cover made of elastic double cloth and 100% polyester, or an alternative double cloth made of polyester and viscose, adds further comfort to the system. Thanks to the zipper, you can easily remove the material and subsequently wash it in a machine at up to 60 degrees Celsius.

The ALEDO topper's height is available in either 5 or 8 centimeters. With 7 different standard sizes and special custom lengths, you can superbly combine the mattress topper with your guest beds.

Close cooperation in the team and with our customers is the basis of every project.

Philip Jandrisits

General Manager


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