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Slatted frame

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The quality of your guests' rest is often determined by how comfortably they sleep at your establishment. Alongside cozy blankets, soft pillows, and plush mattresses, the slatted frame plays a pivotal role. It influences the quality of sleep by ensuring a balanced and comfortable lying experience.

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Moreover, the climate within the mattress is significantly influenced by the type of slatted base. The gaps between the slats facilitate natural air circulation, ensuring optimal ventilation for the layers above.

The ARONO wooden slatted frame is perfect for outfitting your hotel beds and pairs well with a variety of mattresses. A foiled plywood frame provides a stable base to bear weight. The essential elasticity is offered by multiply-glued and foiled plywood spring slats, which, thanks to their overlaying placement up to the frame edge, ensure superior springiness. This design ensures optimal adaptability and valuable support. Fourteen of these triple slatted elements span the frame, comfortably ensconced in flexible rubber caps.

The ARONO slatted frame can support a body weight of up to 90 kilograms. Adjustments to the degree of hardness are possible in the pelvic area, enabling you to tailor the sleeping comfort to your guests' needs. Standing at a height of 5 centimeters, this slatted frame is compatible with many standard bed frames. It's available in four sizes, with optional custom lengths upon request.

We are proud that the interaction between old and young harmonizes so well. This gives us the opportunity to provide our guests with particularly warm, loving and individual care!

Christine Lindner | Penzinghof


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