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Toppers, slatted frames & accessories

Topper and mattress topper: you're on the right track
The terms topper and mattress pad are often confused or used for the same product. But what exactly is the difference? The topper is a separate pad that, thanks to its highly elastic material, ensures improved lying comfort. The 3 to 10 cm thick layer improves body positioning and also scores points with hygiene aspects by protecting the mattress underneath. Whether cold foam or visco foam depends on the type of sleeper: If you get cold quickly, you should use visco foam. If you tend to sweat at night, choose cold foam. Mattress pads, on the other hand, are purely hygienic covers that protect the mattress from dirt and make them ideal for heavily used mattresses in hotels. In addition, mattress pads offer a barrier to mites, which also allows allergy sufferers to sleep peacefully.

Slatted frames: The basis for a perfect lying feeling
Slatted frames support the mattress in its function of relieving the spine so that the body can regenerate optimally at night. Made from high-quality materials and with a carefully thought-out structure, we offer various slatted frames to suit personal requirements and needs. From fixed to adjustable slatted frames, regulation of degree of hardness in the pelvis and shoulder area or multi-stage head and foot elevation for individual lying positions - our slatted frames offer numerous options for perfect sleeping comfort.

Accessories to optimize night rest
The carefully selected components of the mattress, slatted frame and topper only offer you the comfort you long for when combined with the right pillows and blankets. Filled with comfortable materials, you can choose from various bedding accessories as accessories. The look of the hotel bed also counts: in addition to headrests and duvets, we also have decorative cushions, valances and foot plaids in our range for complete bedding.