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Toppers, slatted frames & accessories

Toppers vs. Mattress Pads: Clearing the Confusion
Often, the terms "topper" and "mattress pad" are used interchangeably, leading to some confusion. So, what sets them apart? A topper is a distinct layer, typically 3 to 10 cm thick, crafted from highly elastic material. It enhances lying comfort, provides superior body alignment, and protects the underlying mattress. When it comes to choosing between cold foam and visco foam, your decision should be based on personal comfort: visco foam is ideal for those who feel cold quickly, while cold foam is the choice for those who tend to sweat during sleep. In contrast, mattress pads primarily serve hygienic purposes. They shield the mattress from dirt and wear, making them especially apt for frequently used hotel mattresses. They also act as a barrier against mites, ensuring a peaceful night's rest even for allergy sufferers.

Slatted Frames: The Bedrock of Comfort
Slatted frames play a pivotal role in enhancing the mattress's function of spinal relief, facilitating optimal body regeneration during sleep. Crafted from premium materials and designed with precision, we present an array of slatted frames tailored to cater to varying preferences. From static to adjustable frames, personalized hardness adjustments for the pelvic and shoulder regions, or multilevel elevations for head and feet, our slatted frames pave the way for unparalleled sleep comfort.

Accessories for an Enriched Sleep Experience
A bed's comfort isn't solely determined by its mattress, topper, or slatted frame. The right pillows and blankets play an equally significant role in shaping the sleep experience. With fillings that prioritize comfort, our range of bedding accessories offers ample choices. But the aesthetics matter too. Beyond the practical, we provide decorative cushions, valances, and foot plaids to elevate the appearance of hotel beds, ensuring both comfort and style are in harmony.