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ASIRO Premium KS

Cold foam mattress

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With a 7-zone cold foam core, ASIRO Premium KS perfectly adapts to the contours of the body. The mattress, certified by OEKO-TEX®, can be configured in 3 heights, 3 firmness levels, and 7 standard lengths. Additionally, the mattress can be ordered as a double-sided or reversible mattress.

lying surface 80 - 200 cm x 190/200/210 cm hight 19 cm/ 22 cm/ 25 cm firmness level H2/H3/H4
collection 2023/24

product description

Relaxed Unwinding: Comfortable Cold Foam Mattress for Your Guests

A restful sleep in a hotel always leaves a lasting positive impression. With the right combination of mattresses, toppers, and base support, you ensure that your guest rooms are equipped with excellent comfort. The ASIRO Premium KS cold foam mattress is an ideal all-rounder compatible with a wide variety of bed systems. All used components have been tested and certified for health safety according to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

With a 7-zone cold foam core tailored to fit different body parts, it adapts optimally to the body's contours. It provides relief and supports various body parts such as the pelvis, shoulders, head, and feet according to their respective needs. The point-elastic nature of the material also ensures even weight distribution. Only those areas that exert higher pressure sink in, ensuring that the spine retains its ergonomic shape in different sleeping positions.

Further advantages of the cold foam core mattress include its high heat insulation capability and good breathability. Air can circulate in the foam's open pores, removing any moisture. This ensures a hygienic sleeping climate and prolongs the mattress's durability. A snugly soft double cloth cover, either made entirely of polyester or a polyester-viscose blend, surrounds the core. For convenient handling, the cover can be removed using a zipper and subsequently machine washed.

ASIRO Premium KS comes in medium (firmness grade H2), hard (firmness grade H3), or extra hard (firmness grade H4), is suitable for allergy sufferers, and has an overall height of 17, 20, or 23 centimeters. You can order the mattress in 7 standard sizes and also in custom lengths. For even more customization, the cold foam mattress can be configured as a partner or reversible mattress with two cores in one cover.

We attach great importance to first-class quality in all areas in order to meet the demands of our guests. That is why we chose Symphonic products.

Simone Leuschen | Rosenalp Oberstaufen



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