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Cold foam mattress

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The cold foam mattress ASIRO KS meets individual demands for a good night's sleep and impresses with high comfort. The excellent point elasticity of the cold foam is particularly noteworthy. The height of the mattress can be configured at 12, 14, or 16 centimeters.

lying surface 80 - 200 cm x 190/200/210 cm higth 14 cm/ 16 cm/ 18 cm firmness level H2/H3
collection 2023/24

product description

A Comfortable Sleeping Surface for Your Guest Beds

Restful and soothing sleep plays an especially vital role in the commercial sector. The better your guests sleep, the more positive their overall experience will be. Hence, it's crucial to equip your beds with high-quality mattresses.

The cold foam mattress ASIRO KS meets individual demands for a good night's sleep and impresses with attributes such as long durability and high comfort. Moreover, it has been tested for health safety according to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This sleeping surface is divided into zones specifically designed to support different body parts such as the pelvis, shoulders, head, and feet. The height of the mattress can be configured to 12, 14, or 16 centimeters. The two mattresses with heights of 12 and 14 centimeters are divided into 5 zones, while the 16-centimeter high version has 7 zones. A notable feature of the cold foam is its point elasticity. Thus, those lying areas where pressure is applied yield accordingly. This ensures the correct alignment of the spine, irrespective of the sleeping position.

Another advantage of the cold foam core with a wavy contour cut includes its high thermal insulation capability and excellent adaptation to body contours. The foam's open-pore structure is also breathable and permeable to air, ensuring a hygienic sleeping climate. Depending on your preference, choose from two different covers: a durable double cloth made of 100% polyester or an elastic double cloth consisting of a polyester-viscose mix with Silverguard finishing. Both covers are removable and washable.

Tailor the ASIRO KS precisely for your hotel beds. The mattress, available in medium-firm hardness grade H2 or firm grade H3 – which is also ideal for allergy sufferers – can be ordered in 7 standard sizes and optionally in special lengths. Furthermore, ASIRO KS can be configured as a versatile partner and reversible mattress with two cores in one cover.

Symphonic has been our supplier of upholstered furniture, chairs and bed systems for years. We were won over by the good advice, an excellent price-performance ratio and, last but not least, the friendly sales. Our guests also notice the excellent quality and workmanship of the furniture and add value to every room. Always on-time delivery, almost unlimited customization options for the well-thought-out hotel furniture make the purchase decision easy. If we can buy something from Symphonic, we don't even ask for an alternative offer - that says it all!

Volker Thum | Bayerischer Wald

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