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Couch LAVARE | Detailed view of the open seam on the back cushion | brown leather

Textile leather - also known as imitation leather

The look of leather is more in demand than ever. Functionality and aesthetics play an equal role for upholstered furniture in public and commercial areas. Consisting of a textile and coated surface with a smooth, grained or velor surface, the material is often used in the furniture industry.
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Imitation leather - simply practical for furniture

Not only animal-friendly restaurants like to use vegan leather. Textile leather is often visually indistinguishable from genuine leather. In comparison, imitation leather usually has a textile backing that is coated with plastic, whereas real leather often appears with a more irregular grain pattern. In terms of robustness and longevity, artificial leather is in no way inferior to real leather. Due to the various properties, it is particularly suitable for processing upholstered furniture and offers an enormous variety of designs and applications. With attractive looks, authentic structures and trendy as well as classic colors, individual seating and sleeping furniture can be designed for different areas of use.

Couch LAVARE | Detailed view of an open seam | brown leather
Bench 2 seater Blisa in black color

Durable and easy to care for

The material is soft to the touch and resistant to flammable sources, making it ideal as a durable and hard-wearing upholstery fabric for public spaces. After all, furniture in properties and hotels is exposed to heavy daily wear and tear that they have to withstand. In addition, leather imitations are uncomplicated and light. The material weighs less than natural leather, is easier to work with, has a pleasant feel, is abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. Upholstered furniture with textile leather covers can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. A dash of soap or disinfectant cleaner is also recommended. In addition, imitation leather is ecologically harmless and animal-friendly in production.

Quality features of high-quality textile leather

There are strong material differences, especially among imitation leather versions. High-quality imitation leather can be recognized by certifications and some quality features. Tear resistance protects the material from premature tears and gives it its resilience. That is why good imitations are always made of high-quality and stable materials. Due to sufficient elasticity, the material remains stretchy and protects upholstery covers from tearing. The level can also be determined by the feel, because the best textile leather never feels firm, but is similar to real leather when touched. The best artificial leather is always odorless or even subtly imitates the smell of real leather and is always silent when sitting down or standing up. Another factor is lightfastness. High-quality leather imitations rarely fade, but retain their original color for a long time.

Contemporary all-rounder for almost every area

Imitation leather furniture gives the interior a touch of class with its shiny, smooth look and the even grain pattern and fits skilfully into contemporary room concepts. With different designs, embossing, material thicknesses and a wide range of colors, from bright to dignified tones, we offer a wide variety of designs so that you can creatively design your upholstered furniture according to your own ideas and areas of use. Our textile leathers are among the flame-retardant textiles. This guarantees that the material will melt in the event of a fire and will not continue to burn without an external source. In public buildings in particular, there are strict fire protection regulations that require the use of flame-retardant substances.

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