Restaurant bench Slow in brown | Restaurant area with wooden elements and ceiling paneling in the Bullinarium

Interior of
Restaurant Bullinarium

The restaurant and cafe "Bullinairum" with a total of 170 seats was built in the Allhau market in Burgenland. Various upholstered benches in a stylish design and harmonious colors combined with high-quality materials complement the establishment of the house.

Stay comfortably in stylish surroundings

Gastronomy furniture is as individual as the guests and forms the focal point of every restaurant. Whether it's a restaurant or a café - comfortable seating is required in every restaurant, which fits perfectly into the given premises and at the same time corresponds to the style of the house. In the center of the Allhau market in Burgenland, the restaurant and café "Bullinarium" with a total of 170 seats was built with SYMPHONIC as a renowned partner in 2020. With our wide range of upholstered benches, we have opted for stylish elegance, high-quality materials and harmonious colors - precisely adapted to the luxurious establishment of the Bullinarium.

Choice bench in brown | Armchair in brown and green with a round table | Restaurant area with round wooden elements on the ceiling in the Bullinarium

High-quality benches for restaurants, cafes and bars

Our gastro benches are as varied as the culinary delights in the Burgenland restaurant. Custom-made products and a variety of design options created seating that was perfectly tailored to the ambience, depending on the room environment and needs. Our modern GORA model diner benches, covered with fine brown fabric and classic button stitching, give the entire area a luxurious look.

In the café and at the bar, particularly elegant eye-catchers were created in the room with our BONDO upholstered furniture. With an original design language, soft upholstery and slender wooden feet, this radiates pure cosiness. In addition to a unique look, our gastro benches in the Bullinarium also impress with the highest level of robustness and maximum comfort. Just take a seat and feel good!

Our SLOW restaurant benches add a futuristic touch to the dining room. The two- and multi-seater benches of the model represent a large part of the seating and convey a feeling of security due to the particularly high backrest that runs forward on the sides.

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