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Spring core mattress

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Many small springs work together in the ASORAL mattress to create a balanced lying feeling. The 7-zone microtonne pocket spring core with fleece cover is suitable for all sleep types and almost any body weight. The processed micro springs differ from conventional barrel pocket springs in their smaller size. All in all, more of the bulbous feathers support the body at night. There are around 817 pieces on an area of 100 x 200 centimetres.

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The higher amount of springs ensures better adaptability as well as optimal point elasticity. Heavier parts of the body sink deeper into the mattress, other areas are supported and the spine assumes an ergonomically correct position in almost every sleeping position. The additional subdivision into lying zones ensures an anatomically correct position.

The structure of the mattress is designed in such a way that natural air circulation is possible. Moisture that occurs during the night is transported away and released into the room air. The cover material supports the breathable effect even more. Choose from a removable and washable cover made of double cloth with integrated climatic hollow fiber, which is also suitable for allergy sufferers, as well as a fixed cover with Sawaflor, quilted foam and fleece. Both variants have turning loops that simplify handling and can be stitched in different ways.

The microton pocket spring core mattress ASORAL comes with a firmer degree of hardness (H3), is available in 7 standard sizes and in heights of 22 and 25 centimetres. Beds with special dimensions can also be equipped with optional special lengths.

microtone pocket spring core

Symphonic Trading GmbH is characterized by competent service. We would like to thank the Hotel Kowald for the cooperation and are very satisfied with the quality and design of the hotel beds.

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