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Barrel pocket spring core mattresses are characterized by their high-quality material and processing composition. The barrel-shaped springs in the core are sewn into individual fabric pockets and can therefore adapt even more ideally to different body shapes than conventional innerspring mattresses. Due to the bulbous curvature of the unconnected steel springs, only the area of the mattress that is loaded reacts. This high point elasticity is responsible for the ergonomic lying comfort.

lying surface 80 - 200 cm x 190/200 cm height 19 cm/22 cm/25 cm

product description

Achieve a well-adapted lying feeling for your guests and supplement your bed systems with AFIRE, a soft topper made of visco foam. The mattress topper is characterized by its soft comfort, which goes hand in hand with very good point elasticity. 
Visco reacts to heat and has the ability to adapt perfectly and store body heat. A particularly calm and deeply relaxed sleep is possible. Furthermore, the foam material has an excellent pressure-relieving effect. All parts of the body fit according to their needs due to the exact molding. The seemingly weightless feeling of sleep and the warm atmosphere are also good for tenseness and muscle aches.

A cover made of elastic double cloth brings further comfort to the system. The cover is additionally supplemented with sawaflor and fleece. You can remove the material with a zip and then wash it in the machine at up to 60 degrees. Another cover is available as an optional variant, which efficiently prevents the formation of new bacteria thanks to its antibacterial effect. This increases hygiene in the sleeping area many times over.

AFIRE is medium-firm and falls into hardness category H2. The height is about 6 centimeters. With 7 different standard dimensions and special lengths, you can combine the mattress topper with your guest beds.

box spring core

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