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Spring core mattress

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Innerspring mattresses are extremely popular when it comes to furnishing hotel beds. Their characteristic properties such as pleasant elasticity, durability and excellent adaptability make them the preferred choice. The ARALO model has a 5-speed spring core, which is fitted with a good 207 steel springs on an area of 100 x 200 centimetres. Felt as a cover and a high-quality sheathing made of polyether foam serve as a soft finish.

lying surface 80 - 200 cm x 190/200cm height 19 cm/20 cm/25 cm

product description

The steel springs balance out the weight with point elasticity. This means that they gently adapt to the curves of the body and also allow heavier areas to sink in deeper and lighter areas a little less. An ergonomic position of the spine is guaranteed - for almost any body weight and in any sleeping position. Last but not least, a soothing microclimate also plays a decisive role in a restful night's sleep. With the spring core mattress ARALO, the air can circulate wonderfully in the spring core and between the associated layers. Moisture is thus transported away evenly and a hygienic atmosphere is ensured.

The core is wrapped in a soft cover layer that you can configure to your own liking. You have the choice between a fixed cover with Sawaflor, quilted foam and fleece or an elastic double cloth version with integrated hollow climate fibers and practical reversible loops on the sides, which can be easily removed with a zip and then washed. The removable version is ideal for allergy sufferers. Both covers can be configured with different quilting.

Overall, ARALO is a slightly firmer mattress with H3 hardness. With 7 standard sizes and tailor-made special solutions, you will also find the ideal size for special bed sizes. Depending on the version, you can also vary the height between 19, 22 and 25 centimetres.

spring core

We have been working with Symphonic for many years and are very satisfied. The tailor-made products are represented in all of our stores and will also be found in future projects.

Michael Pfaller | Grand Hotel Ferdinand

Managing Director


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