Spring core mattress

Would you like to pamper your guests with bouncy loungers? Then equip your hotel beds with the medium-firm spring core mattress ANOMO. The stable 5-speed spring core inside the sleeping pad creates a slightly yielding sleeping experience.
lying surface: 80 bis 200 x 190/200cm | height: 19cm
  • 5-speed innerspring mattress with polyether foam coating
  • Suitable for any body weight and any sleeping position
  • Available in 7 standard sizes
New model collection 2022

With a mattress size of 100 to 200 centimetres, around 207 steel springs with a thickness of 2.4 millimeters ensure the pleasantly elastic effect. In detail, this means that the springs contract gently when loaded and return to their original shape when relieved. A felt cover and soft polyether foam encase the core.

The spring core mattress ANOMO is suitable for a wide range of body weights and offers flexibility for all sleep types. The mattress adapts ergonomically to the body zones and is point-elastic. Pressure-exerting areas are relieved in a beneficial way - at the same time the spine and loins are supported.

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spring core

The air can circulate wonderfully inside the spring core. Body heat and moisture are transported away well, which in turn promotes durability and also contributes to a hygienic sleeping atmosphere. A hard-wearing drill cover refines the mattress. Choose the right sleeping pad for your bed system from 7 standard sizes or order an optional special length. The total height is 19 centimeters.

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spring core

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