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Spring core mattress

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Equip your beds with high-quality sleeping comfort. The ALIKO pocket spring mattress meets a wide range of needs for a good and soothing night's sleep and is therefore ideally suited as a sleeping pad for guest and hotel beds.

collection 2022

The mattress with barrel pocket spring core, which is divided into 5 lying zones, has high point elasticity. This means that it adapts perfectly to the contours of the body - it relieves pressure, especially in places where the body exerts pressure when lying down. This ensures a comfortable sleeping position throughout the night, as the spine and loins are optimally supported. In addition, a comfort foam padding on both sides has a pressure-relieving effect.

Another plus is that air can circulate in the steel spring core. The mattress is well ventilated, moisture can be transported away, which in turn contributes to an excellent sleeping climate. A fleece cover and the removable cover made of elastic double cloth also support moisture transport. The cover is also quilted on both sides with climatic hollow fiber.

The ALIKO spring core mattress is a stable universal model that can be used for almost any body weight and any sleeping position. Optional configurations are possible with determination of strength and size. Choose your favorite from the degrees of hardness H2 medium-hard or H3 hard and 7 different standard sizes. The total height of the mattress is about 22 centimeters.

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