Cold foam mattress

Pleasant sleeping pleasure in the hotel always leaves a lasting positive impression. With the right combination of mattresses, toppers and bases, you ensure that your guest rooms are equipped with excellent comfort. The cold foam mattress ANEIS is an ideal all-rounder that is compatible with many different bed systems.
lying surface: 80 bis 200 x 190/200cm | height: 14cm
  • 5-zone cold foam core with wave contour cut
  • Good air circulation for a hygienic sleeping climate
  • Various standard dimensions available
New model collection 2022

With a 5-zone cold foam core with a wave contour cut, it optimally adapts to the curves of the body. It relieves and supports the different parts of the body such as the pelvis, shoulders, head and feet according to their respective needs. The point-elastic effect of the material also ensures that the weight can be evenly distributed. Only those areas that exert higher pressure sink in. The spine retains its ergonomic shape even in different sleeping positions.

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cold foam

Other advantages of the cold foam core mattress are its high heat insulation function and good breathability. Air can circulate in the open pores of the foam and transport moisture away. A hygienic sleeping climate is guaranteed and the long durability of the mattress is ensured. A cuddly soft cover made of double cloth envelops the core. For time-saving handling, you can remove it with a zip and then wash it in the machine. The quilting of climatic hollow fibers also contributes to improving the breathable effect.

The cold foam mattress ANEIS is medium-hard (degree of hardness H2), suitable for allergy sufferers and has a total height of 14 centimetres. You can order the mattress in 7 standard sizes and also in special lengths.

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