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Mattress topper

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Refine your guests' lying experience with a high-quality topper like AKILO. The additional layer made of cold foam comes in a medium-firm degree of hardness (H2) and is particularly well suited to a wide range of sleeping needs.

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Numerous advantages make cold foam an excellent choice when it comes to furnishing your hotel and guest beds. The soft material gently adapts to the contours of the body and also has a high level of thermal insulation. The point elasticity means that the body rests ergonomically. Heavier areas such as hips or shoulders sink in deeper than lighter areas. Regardless of the sleeping position, the spine remains in its natural form. Even under constant stress, the clamping force is retained for many years. In addition, air can circulate comfortably within the open pores of the foam. Due to the constant exchange of oxygen, moisture is removed in a targeted manner and a fresh sleeping climate is the result. As an additional layer, the topper also effectively protects the mattresses from dirt and dust.

The cold foam pad is rounded off with a soft cover. The cover consists of double cloth with integrated fleece and sawaflor. To clean it, you can easily remove it with the zip and machine wash it at up to 60 degrees. Another double sheet variant is available as an option, which thanks to its antibacterial effect prevents the formation of new bacteria and thus ensures even more hygiene in bed.

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