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Comfortable cushions are unmatched gems in any setting. They effortlessly render any lounging spot more inviting. Whether you want them for decorative purposes, or for added comfort, their presence instantly elevates a space.

collection 2023/24

product description

As a cozy sleep aid, for sitting, to prop up your feet, or as tasteful decoration – pillows serve many different functions and are effective elements of interior design. Give your rooms and spaces a homely perception in no time with the cushions from the TADORA series. With a plethora of cover fabrics – from velour to faux leather – there are hardly any limits when it comes to individual designs. With 4 pillow shapes in custom sizes, there's a suitable model for all kinds of settings.

The soft, cushioned version consists of a down-free cover case housing an inner pillow filled with fiber flakes. The cushion is sealed in the standard version, but can optionally be equipped with a zipper.

The decorative pillow model with incorporated down does not require a separate inner pillow and is filled with slightly firmer foam flakes, ensuring a consistently stable decorative appearance. An optional cord seam can be added to the design for an additional eye-catching detail. The cushion is stitched closed.

The kidney pillow version with down stands out due to its slim design, which is particularly suitable for furnishing seating areas, but also complements beds nicely. The pillow is also sealed shut.

The bordered edge pillow adds a touch of simple elegance to both beds and cozy seating corners. Inside the cover is a down-free inner pillow, which can be accessed via a zipper when needed. Depending on the type of cover, the cushion's finish varies, such as with quilted fabric or open seams for faux leather.


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