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The right mattress ensures the perfect lying feeling, while cozy accessories such as pillows and blankets increase the comfort factor. Give your guests the best sleeping comfort by equipping your beds with the TERANI pillow.

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The boil-proof pillow TERANI is particularly characterized by its super-soft microfibre cover fabric with a peach-touch effect. 

The outer fabric feels like peach skin and has a pleasantly matt feel. Integrated climate fiber supports the breathable and moisture-regulating effect. Inside there are fluffy fiber balls made of polyester, which - depending on your sleeping habits - nestle perfectly against the head and neck. The cover fabric can be opened with a zipper.

The beads can also be easily shaken up to loosen them up. Even allergy sufferers sleep peacefully with TERANI: The material composition is designed for sensitive sleep types and is suitable for allergy sufferers.

For clean freshness in bed, the pillow is machine washable at up to 95 degrees. It can then be put in the dryer. The upholstery comes in a soft white tone and can also be adapted to your individual needs. 

Choose from a smooth or quilted look, as well as 4 standard sizes and optional custom sizes.

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