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The bed is without a doubt one of the most important elements in your hotel rooms and effectively contributes to the perfect feel-good ambience. After a day filled with adventure, guests need a well-deserved place to relax. The LINE hotel bed invites guests to dream and relax with stylish aesthetics and all-round lying comfort.
depth: 200cm | height: 34/37/40cm
  • different headboards possible
  • all common bed sizes
  • wooden spring slats without any metal
use your own in-house fabrics
Large selection of covers

The well-proportioned design in a classic hotel bed look emanates balanced tranquility. Configured as you wish, it harmoniously complements your interior design: LINE is available in all standard bed sizes. You can steer the bed design in your desired style direction with different headboards and base models. A balanced range of fabrics and leathers are available for you to choose from in our furniture configurator for the cover, which runs around the body and the headboard.

Wonderful sleeping enjoyment is established through multiple layers: Flexible wooden spring slats form the base. They gently support the mattress lying on top so that the body can be pampered with the best-possible lying comfort.

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We attach great importance to first-class quality in all areas in order to meet the demands of our guests. That is why we chose Symphonic products.

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The four-sided upholstered bed can be completely adapted to the individual style of your home. In order to guarantee a great variety of designs, a large selection of headboards are available, which can be added to the lower bed. Whether simple, elaborately quilted patterns or luxurious in diamond optics - you are the designer of your own hotel bed. Configure the bed exactly in the size that it fits into your room - because Line is available in all common bed sizes.

The furniture legs are an elegant detail from Bett Line. Standard height of 10 cm or would you prefer the 13 cm high comfort legs? The decision of the total height your hotel bed should reach is entirely up to you. Between aluminum, wood or plastic and round or angular - the material can be selected as well as the shape of the feet. To make it easy to relocate or transport, castors are also available as an alternative, which you can also add to your hotel bed.

Technical structure & material

Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section overview
  1. Frame
  2. Slatted frame
  3. Basic upholstery
  4. Cover
  5. Feet
Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section overview
  1. Frame
  2. Slatted frame
  3. Basic upholstery
  4. Cover
  5. Feet
1. Frame
Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame

The base is made of solid wood. For furniture made of solid wood, only wood that has been carved out of the tree trunk and whose structure has not been chemically or mechanically changed is used. Solid wood is extremely robust and stable, which is why it is ideally suited as a robust material for wooden furniture. Solid wood creates a pleasant room climate for restful sleep and regeneration at night, as the material is well insulated and has a moisture-regulating effect. The frame construction is based on high-quality materials and guarantees strength and stability.

2. Slatted frame
Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame and slatted frame

There is a sturdy wooden slatted frame under the basic upholstery. This supports the body perfectly and creates a pleasant feeling of lying down. Ergonomic lying is important in order to give the ligaments, muscles, intervertebral discs and vertebrae the rest they deserve.

3. Basic upholstery
Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame, slatted frame and upholstery

The basic upholstery consists of high quality polyether foam. Polyether foam is one of the PUR foams and has good air permeability. Due to its so-called honeycomb structure, the foam type is given dimensional stability and durability. This has a long-lasting effect on quality, which is why the foam is made for upholstered furniture and beds. Due to its elasticity, the material almost suddenly returns to its original shape when the load is removed. A cotton fabric is placed over the basic upholstery as a mattress protector. The washable fabric is placed on the mattress and is particularly ideal for allergy sufferers, as the cotton fabric effectively removes mites.

4. Cover

From flat woven fabrics, woven velours, flocked goods to swirl fleece - you can choose from over 600 different fabrics, colors, patterns and haptics. The bed bench can optionally be covered with artificial leather. In order to guarantee maximum design variety, it is also possible to process your own individual customer fabrics.

Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame, slatted frame, upholstery and cover

Flat woven fabrics: Characteristic of flat woven fabrics is the unique look in jacquard patterns, which are created by combining different types of yarns and colors.
Woven velor: In woven velor, the loops of the fabric are cut open during the production of the material and dense pile threads are incorporated, which makes the surface of the material feel extra soft.
Flock velours: Flock velours is manufactured in a unique process, whereby the base fabric and pile are connected to one another with a special adhesive technique, making the material very resistant and durable.
Wirbelflies: Wirbelflies is manufactured in a very elaborate manner and impresses with its noble suede look, which is characterized by a soft grip and durability.

5. Feet

The feet can be chosen in normal height (10cm) or in comfort height (13cm). As standard, you can choose between seven leg variants and shapes made from aluminum, wood (non-slip) or plastic. For easier repositioning, wooden or plastic castors can optionally be added to the bed.

Hotel bed line | Structure cross-section with frame, slatted frame, upholstery, cover and feet

The foot bearings are made of solid beech wood. The beech comes from local forests and is therefore a particularly sustainable building material. Due to its high degree of hardness, it is robust and stable, which means that it is characterized by high durability, shock and pressure resistance and very good machinability. The type of wood is particularly suitable for frame construction due to its hardness, density and structure.

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