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Inspiration: waiting room & auditorium equipment

Whether in an office, medical practice, law firm, or hotel reception, waiting is sometimes inevitable. Reception furniture acts as a company's calling card, creating the first impression upon entry. With comfortable seating options and numerous customization opportunities, you can ensure a perfect introduction.
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The professional reception: seating for waiting rooms and auditoriums

Whether in an office, medical practice, law firm, or hotel reception, waiting is an inevitable part of the experience. Reception furniture acts as the company's calling card, shaping the first impression upon entry. Therefore, when setting up a waiting area, it's crucial to focus on comfortable seating that is also aesthetically pleasing. After all, the interior design significantly impacts the well-being of those waiting. With a range of seating options – from upholstered armchairs and stools to lobby and club furniture, all the way to expansive lounge areas – we provide a broad selection to ensure your guests have a perfect beginning to their visit.

Create a positive first impression with premium reception furniture

While design is crucial, it isn't everything, especially in the contract sector and public areas. Furniture for waiting rooms, when crafted from top-quality, easy-to-clean materials, becomes a lasting investment. Our contract furniture doesn't just satisfy requirements for stability, robustness, and durability; it also adheres to the key European fire protection standards essential for public spaces. Featuring flame-retardant materials, including specialized foams and upholstery, our reception furniture is confidently designed for widespread premises and consistent use.

Customize your unique seating furniture

Our upholstered seating can be easily tailored to fit specific spatial requirements and preferences. Within our expansive range of seating options, you can customize everything from arm, foot, and backrest specifications to dimensions, colors, materials, and even additional decorations. We present nearly boundless design possibilities, ranging from minor adjustments to our standard selections to fully flexible custom creations. However, customization isn't limited just to the design of your waiting room furniture. The personalization process begins with selecting the base material and fine-tuning the seating comfort. From sturdy beech and oak wood to high-quality polyether or plush cold foam, you have full control in shaping the comfort experience for your guests.

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