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daybed Imposa in grey fabric

Furniture feet

Because we know that no outfit is complete without the right shoes: Equip your furnishing elements with individual feet and create unique pieces of furniture. It is often the details that give a piece of furniture that certain something. With subtleties such as the furniture legs you set accents and visually enhance the piece of furniture.
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Features of high quality feet

Whether under sectionals, chaise longues, sofa beds, beds or seating furniture: Legs determine the height of the furniture, give it support and the final visual touch. They may be small, but you can expect them to be sturdy and stable while also looking good. The necessary purpose of furniture feet is very clear: they help to ensure a secure and stable footing. Hardly any floor has perfect evenness. Stability can therefore be achieved for all furniture with the right furniture legs. The preferred seating comfort differs from person to person. A higher seat to make it easier to sit down and stand up, or a lower spot for a more lounging feel – with different leg sizes, the height of your furniture can be perfectly adjusted to individual needs. 3 centimeters close to the floor, normal height of 10 centimeters or a comfortable height of 13 or 16 centimeters: Decide between different dimensions.

Sofa bed Satena in gray | Two-seater sofa with wooden feet

Materials: These furniture legs exist

Since these are visible and prominent parts of furniture, the visual quality of the furniture feet must also be taken into account. Furniture feet are available in different designs and made of various materials. The heavier a piece of furniture is, the more robust the material should be. Metal legs, solutions made of plastic, aluminum or stainless steel and wood products are particularly popular. While metal feet convey a filigree look and can be combined with various room styles, feet made of stainless steel with their elegant sheen go particularly well with futuristic interiors. Aluminum products also create a modern look. Plastic furniture legs are timeless. Mostly in black, plastic legs adapt universally to many furnishing styles. Above all, wood impresses with its extraordinary stability and durability. Both furniture legs made of beech wood and made of oak fit perfectly into country house or vintage furnishings. Be inspired by our comprehensive selection of materials and find the right look for your piece of furniture.

Transform your sofa with different foot shapes

Sofa legs, armchair legs, bed legs - there are hardly any limits to your imagination when it comes to the perfect piece of furniture. From slim, rounded, sloping, cylindrical and cubic to runners and gliders to angle, star or disc bases. As you can see, the shapes of our pillars are almost endless. Furniture feet can become narrower towards the bottom or run in an even thickness. Round furniture feet go particularly well with classic upholstered furniture. If the legs are cubic, slanted or flared, a casual and elegant look is achieved. An exclusive design is given to a piece of furniture by eye-catching feet such as runners, frames, star, plate or cylindrical designs. With furniture feet made of castors, you can make your furniture flexible and move it quickly and easily to another location, despite its weight. Want a low-to-the-ground design? We have 3 centimeter high gliders ready for you. These support the stability unnoticed and at the same time make your furniture appear legless. Furniture close to the floor can be combined with almost all furnishing styles and appears spacious and robust.

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