Sofa bed in the hotel room: practical companion for day & night

In order to meet all hotel requirements, functional and adaptable furniture is required. Due to their high-quality design, sofa beds are increasingly being used as a comfortable, flexible place to sleep.

Every guest has individual wishes and needs. In order to meet all the demands that come together in a hotel, there is an increasing demand for functional and adaptable furniture. The linchpin of a relaxing stay is the quality of sleep. That is why the bed is still the focus. But sofa beds are also becoming a comfortable, flexible place to sleep due to their increasingly high-quality design. One piece of furniture becomes two in no time: during the day a seat for browsing, drinking coffee and chatting and in the evening a bed for sleeping, relaxing and watching TV.

Sofa beds are particularly practical for families with children. STRETTA, the sofa with a bed function, shows how it's done: as a stylish seat with built-in light roll function, the sofa can be used as a bed. A common double bed size is achieved by integrating a high-quality cold foam mattress that runs across the entire usable width of the bed. So while the parents sleep in the king-size bed, the children get an equally comfortable dream oasis. During the day, the lying area becomes a pirate ship or a treasure island for children - or when folded, it becomes seating for the whole family. Sofa beds are also ideal for saving space and offering flexible comfort even in a limited space in narrow rooms.

As with the choice of the optimal bed with a coordinated mattress, the same applies to sofa beds. All are equipped with sleeping functions and serve the same purpose, but their structure and lying comfort differ. If the sofa bed is intended to be used daily, it should be suitable for so-called permanent sleepers. These sofa frames are ideal for small flats, spacious guest rooms or apartments. A slatted frame with a separate mattress is usually integrated. The interaction of all elements creates an ergonomic lying surface. For sleeping, the bed is usually pulled out to the front for late risers. When used as a bed replacement for cross sleepers, the seat is on the side of the body facing the wall. This variant is even more space-saving, since less floor space is required to fold it out.

With the SELESTA sofa bed, care was taken to focus on the essentials: the sofa bed impresses with its clear design and subtle lines that create concise minimalism. The long seating and lying area creates coziness. Discreet gliding feet also ensure a low-to-the-ground look. As a corner sofa with bed storage, an L-shape is created and the sofa contains an adjoining chaise longue with a spacious bed storage. Space-saving single or double loungers are often called daybeds.

In contrast to the permanent sleeper, the sofa bed with guest bed function is suitable for occasional sleeping and perfectly designed for spontaneous overnight visits. Removable covers, which are easy to clean with frequently changing visitors, have proven to be suitable. With this type of sofa bed, the upholstery is already integrated in the respective model, so that accessories such as a mattress and slatted frame are not required. Due to the attractive appearance, the simple operation, the good sleeping comfort and the space-saving folding bed mechanism, hoteliers, operators of guesthouses and owners of holiday apartments appreciate sofa beds in their rooms, not least because of the increasing demand, especially from families.

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