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Office rethought: how the office becomes a living space

Architecture, design and function are also subject to change in the working world: away from conservatively conceived office furnishings towards creative offices. From stools to seating landscapes to upholstered furniture with or without housing: comfortable seating and modern communication areas are in demand.

The world of work is changing and with it the way people think about where and how work is done. Here, too, architecture, design and function are subject to change: away from conservatively conceived office furnishings towards creative offices. Above all, open interior design, light, acoustics, ergonomics and flexible seating are the core components of the new office. Contemporary work requires less working side by side than working together, which calls for creative work zones. Innovative ideas mature in teams, which need areas for exchange as well as quiet workplaces.

Above all, the office should be a flexible, feel-good place where people enjoy spending time and can do their jobs efficiently. Office furniture is a tool to relieve employees both physically and mentally at the right time in the right place, to ensure relaxation and at the same time to convey professionalism. An improved work-life balance is made possible with the help of communication areas and meeting niches. Soundproof niches are particularly recommended in open-plan offices. Comfortable seating and lounge areas are used for optimal networking. The boundaries between time off and work are becoming increasingly blurred. The office develops as part of the social fabric and thus dominates a large part of life. Only with enough freedom, flexible work opportunities and interior design linked to the specific industry can you learn and develop productively - be it personalities or projects. Because only satisfied employees who feel comfortable deliver the best possible results.

From stools with or without backrests to seating landscapes to upholstered furniture with housing, the Symphonic range includes various products for excellent, high-quality office furnishings. Lounge furniture is ideally suited for meeting areas such as working cafés, where informal conversations and a casual exchange of ideas take place. They are important elements of modern office concepts. In addition, modern and ergonomic office furniture is essential. They ensure optimal working conditions and help to do office work effectively with creative freedom.

detail view of example compilation for stool Vendi | Stool landscape in different colors for office or creative zones

The office and creative furniture from Symphonic is characterized by robust materials for high resilience, high-quality workmanship, constant expandability and individual adaptability. For example, the VIONA office furniture presents a contemporary seating and communication landscape. With an enclosure, VIONA complements the seating furniture with a cozy place for interaction. Anyone nesting in their cozy comfort is almost invisible or audible from the outside - perfect for rest. The seat with particularly high backrests and armrests is the ideal retreat for undisturbed work or short meetings.

Comfort, functionality, flexibility and aesthetics are a fixed unit in the modern office. Creativity lies not only in the employees themselves, but is also influenced by a stimulating environment. Particularly harmonious structures, spatial and technically sensible conditions are crucial for creative thinking - and for being able to live it out.

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